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November 16, 2011
January 9, 2013

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If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a video certainly adds a good few more on top of that. Watch our presentation video at our website. There you can also find Radio Recorder User Manual. And do not forget to follow us at twitter @RadioRecorder for the latest news and Promocodes Giveaway!

Stream it. Record it. Keep it.

♬ Get the most powerful streaming audio capture toolkit ever created!

♬ Listen, record, automatically tag and burn CDs with audio files from over 22,000 Internet stations with perfect quality.

♬ Manage – add to favourites, create Albums or remove portions of Audio with ease. This add-on lets you listen to your audio recordings and skip over the ads by deleting short duration files!

♬ ♬ ♬

♬ We have no idea how you will experience this, though, whether it will be too intense or too much to take in, or perhaps some find it too simple in design. All we know is that we love this app and we created it to immerse you into a world of beautiful music. What is designed to make Radio Recorder an exceptional app is its ability to play radio stations, to schedule and record radio streamings, to play your own audio files and to create playlists of the all abovementioned.

♬ Want variety and get rid of ads?..

If you're looking for a big variety of radio stations to choose from, then Radio Recorder certainly will meet your needs.
We spent over half a year trying to get everything to organize and sound right. As a result we have gathered over 22,000 best radio stations that are consolidated into widest variety of genres that diverge from modern contemporary to commercial free radio stations. Almost all of the stations have a high and low quality stream. The current list is daily enriched with new radio stations!

♬ Want to immerse into new music world?..

If you want to discover new music based on your taste, you should explore the already pre-set playlists, song libraries or already-saved tracks from radio. You can use Radio Recorder to discover new music by listening to presaved songs filtered by Artist. Choose the specific singer or band, and Radio Recorder will display all songs by the required artist or the band. From presaved recordings you can adjust, delete or add whatever you like to your favorites.

♬ Want specific music?..

Do you have a specific radio station that you want to listen to? As long as you have the URL used to access the online radio station connect to the stream by hitting Add Radio button. Adding radio stations could be done directly through the app. To add a new radio station to Radio Recorder, you need to add the audio stream URL. Radio station websites include the file with the extensions pls, m3u, mp3, ogg, wma, wav and aac. We support all existing formats!

♬ Need to schedule the radio recording?..

A unique feature that sets Radio Recorder apart from the rest is the ability to record the audio. You can download about 200 tracks in an hour from ten different radio stations. You keep full control over recordings. Drag&Drop radio station URL into the Scheduling Window, set the time and duration, record all you want, and finally add your best tracks to favorites, remove ads and artists you don't like.

This feature is greatly helpful if you need to create specific playlists, favorite mixes or if you need to record your favorite programs but you are beyond of the Mac access. With Radio Recorder just record your program and listen it whenever you want.

♬ Want to get a universal audio-player?..

Radio Recorder is designed to play and manage your media files. Just drag&drop to add your media to playlists.
You can also choose the best color scheme from Olive to Psychedelic Purple that will mostly comply with your current mood ;)
We hope you appreciate this 'act of love' as it has taken tremendous amount of work and was designed specially for your needs.

Ksana & Dimon

What's New
Dear Friends! We highly appreciate your questions and feedbacks on Radio Recorder. It's helped us to correctly prioritize our tasks and provide you with the most wanted features in the ver. 4.0.0.

The major development of version 4.0.0 is the integration of windows platform broadcasting protocol. It has enlarged stations' list from 10,000 to 22,000 items! It means classical +381, ambient +763, news + 315, rock + 913, sports +57 and, of course, many new incomings to other genres!

The second greatest development is database. No longer you will meet frozen and temporary unavailable stations in the list. We have also added Help in English and French (thanks Bernard for your support!), as well as made another minor user interface improvements.

NOTE, it can take 20 minutes for radio stations database update. During the update, the CPU could be loaded up to 90%.

We really hope you enjoy this version. While we have done our best to ensure that this update is free of bugs and user friendly, there's still much to improve within Radio Recorder. So please email us your comments and questions at, or post your suggestions at App Store.

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