µTorrent (or uTorrent, commonly abbreviated as "µT" or "uT") is a free-of-charge, ad-supported, closed source BitTorrent client. It is one of the most widely used BitTorrent clients and was designed to use minimal computer resources while offering functionality comparable to larger BitTorrent clients.

What's New

Changes in 1.6.4

  • Fixed seeding on PPC
  • Fixed crash when handling incorrect responses from HTTP trackers
  • Fixed crash on start on OSX 10.5.4 (Intel)
  • Fixed crash when changing proxy address
  • Fixed crash when processing autoadd directory

Changes in 1.6.3

  • Fixed opening magnet links on Leopard (broken in 1.6.2)

Changes in 1.6.2

  • Various bug fixes

Changes in 1.6.1

  • Added option to ignore subdirectories in autoload folder
  • Added option to duplicate smart RSS feed
  • Added option to start µTorrent automatically when Mac starts
  • Show number of completed torrents in dock icon
  • Fixed hang on exit
  • Fixed enabling/disabling DHT
  • Fixed file extension when changing download location
  • Fixed smart RSS feed to correctly display matched items

Changes in 1.6.0

  • Added proxy support
  • Added traffic cap feature
  • Added Lion full screen mode
  • Various UI and bug fixes

Changes in 1.5.12

  • Fixed high CPU usage on Lion
  • Fixed UI hang when adding multiple torrents
  • Fixed incorrect download path when adding magnet links
  • Fixed opening advanced preferences on international keyboards
  • Fixed "Start seeding" option when creating new torrent

Changes in 1.5.11

  • Various bug fixes

Changes in 1.5.10

  • Fixed dock icon speed indicator
  • Fixed various crash bugs

Changes in 1.5.9

  • Various bug fixes

Changes in 1.5.8

  • Fixed crash when adding new torrent

Changes in 1.5.7

  • Fixed RSS to correctly display non-unicode characters
  • Updated UI
  • Various bug fixes

Changes in 1.5.6

  • Updated UI
  • Various bug fixes

Changes in 1.5.5

  • Fixed µTorrent remote
  • Fixed crash on Lion when changing download location
  • Fixed UI misrendering on Lion
  • Updated UI
  • Various bug fixes

Changes in 1.5.4

  • Fixed crash dumps for most crashes that exaust stack space
  • Change: to
  • Fix: Honor download limit more accurately
  • Fix: compose the name of a magnet link as utf-8
  • Fix: Don't crash when downloading a large torrent quickly with small piece size
  • Change: Deselect selected torrents when sidebar category changes to mimic the windows version
  • Fix: Memory leak

Changes in 1.5.3

  • Fixed file dialog in Leopard so the file extension is not lost when moving single file torrents.
  • Fixed downloading magnet links
  • Added support for http redirects to magnet links
  • Fixed "Data is invalid" issue when skipping files in multifile torrents
  • Fixed web remote issue that caused problems with logging in and out
  • Fixed web seed behavior on 302 redirect
  • Fixed a number of crashes and memory leaks
  • Fix double free that caused crash when sorting files list

Changes in 1.5.2

  • Fixed single file torrent move bug losing file extension
  • Added :COOKIE: support to RSS feeds
  • Fixed unicode bug with RSS items
  • Fixed the display of RSS published dates
  • Fixed various crash bugs
  • Improved startup times by loading resume file asynchronously

Changes in 1.5.1

  • Fixed utWEB download file support
  • Fixed issues in RSS UI
  • Fixed hang when adding slow RSS feeds
  • Fixed broken add torent dialog
  • Fixed various memory leaks
  • Various crash bug fixes

Changes in 1.5.0

  • Added utWEB support
  • Added RSS support
  • Added scheduler
  • Updated UI
  • Fixed support for secure trackers
  • Improved rate limiting

Changes in 1.1.0

  • Feature add torrent dialog with directory settings and file selection
  • Feature growl support
  • Feature dock icon badging
  • Feature to move torrent save location
  • Added privacy settings
  • Added advanced directory settings and rules
  • Improved UTP bandwidth support
  • Fixed seeding ratio limits
  • Fixed tracker messages when torrent is complete
  • Fixed setting auto add directory
  • Improved https support
  • Fixed having to hit return to register changes in the bandwidth preferences

Changes in 1.0.2

  • Fixed startup crash

Changes in 1.0.1 (22592)

  • Fix: Clicking on magnet link in the browser adds the torrent after launching uTorrent.
  • Fix: Deleting torrent data should only delete files and directories belonging to the torrent.
  • Fix: UserAgent now sent correctly in HTTPS requests.
  • Change: Dropped extra revision digit from version number.
  • Fix: Fixed logic for add torrent dialogs and added preferences to prefs panel to control it.
  • Fix: File sorting is now faster and works properly in the files pane.

Changes in (20277)

  • RSS feeds added.
  • Fix: Magnet links now work
  • Updated the start and stop icon in the toolbar
  • Fix: crash when the number of open file descriptors exceeded 500
  • Fix: rate limiting problem when using calc_overhead and switching between unlimited and rate limited upload or download
  • Fix: Compelete pending Disk operations before automatically shutting down
  • Fix: Don't exceed the upload limit with overhead when calc_overhead is on
  • Fix: disconnect issue with seeds
  • Fix: uTP over Teredo at high speeds, and MTU problems on some kinds of networks
  • Fix: random crash when drawing the piece graph
  • Changes in 0.9.3 (Build 17856)

    • fixed random crash during startup when dragging and dropping files on to the application

    Changes in 0.9.3 (Build 17780)

    • changed the colors for the pieces bar
    • fixed bug in pieces bar that caused pieces to show up in the wrong colors
    • updated the gradient
    • modified progress bar to be drawn with an image instead of gradient
    • updated the highlight for each bar and added borders
    • modified progress bars to be drawn with images instead of gradient
    • updated webUI sessions to be compatible with SRP negotiation
    • always close filehandle in webui sessions
    • crash fix in webui sessions
    • removed the number of files from the main table and added the magnifying glass icon
    • changed sidebar numbering background/text color (no text gradient)
    • set main table Name column indentation to 0
    • changed sidebar numbering background/text color
    • removed file count, and added file path
    • removed number of files displaying and added the magnifying glass icon for completed torrents
    • main table indentation set to 0
    • Fix for download speed limit
    • Fix file handle leak with http client connections
    • fixed message loop crashes
    • increase max size of torrent files added via URL to 5 meg
    • turn release assert into a regular assert and deal with the corrupt hash-table to avoid breaking
    • Fixes for scrollbars
    • fix for highlight colors
    • fixed button sizes
    • updated button icons
    • updated statistics graph
    • fixed crash when receiving download piece after DownloadPiece is released
    • resolved race condition that caused periodic crash when starting up
    • updated TCP rate control
    • Fixed crash when cloning sockets due to pending events
    • conservative (Teredo-sized) MTU for UDP on IPv6 connections (including uTP) with update to overhead accounting.
    • speed tab elements repositioning
    • details show/hide button pushed state while details show/hide animation is running
    • table highlight colors
    • fixed some column alignments
    • details view resizer bar / behavior (collapse near the edge, drag area...)
    • fixed table highlights
    • details resizer fix
    • resized/moved UI items
    • adjusted colors for sidebug text
    • custom color for table text cells
    • track when details view resizes
    • resize, reposition, and modify resizing mask so that general panel anchors properly to the top
    • changed the general tab scroll view height to 449
    • changed the tcp_rate_control for download rates to be more conservative on how fast it makes changes.
    • fix calc_overhead.

    Changes in 0.9.3 (Build 17496)

    • Change: Updated WebUI
    • Fix: Various crashes and memory leaks

    Changes in 0.9.3 (build 17226)

    • Feature: Enabled nationalization support
    • Change: Download first/last piece is disabled on the mac by default to avoid some shutdown delay caused by close on sparse files
    • Fix: Crash when changing system time

    Changes in 0.9.3 (build 16930)

    • Change: Completely revamped UI
    • Feature: Improved speed display
    • Feature: Display region flags

    Changes in 0.9.2 (build 16917)

    • Fix: Broken build process generating bad builds

    Changes in 0.9.2 (build 16801)

    • Fix: Really fix 100% CPU issue on 10.6

    Changes in 0.9.2 (build 16542)

    • Feature: Support for PPC.
    • Feature: UDP tracker support
    • Feature: uTP supports window sizes smaller than the packet size
    • Change: Added upnp host cache to speed up upnp nat resolution on certain routers
    • Change: Reduced uTP overhead slightly by ramping up packet sizes at lower rates
    • Fix: 100% CPU usage bug
    • Fix: fixed UDP-tracker crash when dns resolution would fail
    • Fix: rare crash in low level network read and write
    • Fix: Fix startup race condition between network and disk I/O thread
    • Fix: UDP Tracker retries three times instead of two
    • Fix: http seed fix for multifile torrents
    • Fix: Fixed negative allocation in RequestChunks() for web seeds
    • Fix: crash in UDP tracker support when tracker sends malformed responses
    • Fix: Integrity check .dat files after saving. Do not overwrite file.dat.old with a bad file.dat
    • Fix: uTP selective ack bug (would cause connections to stall and time out)
    • Fix: uTP fast re-send bug (would sometimes re-send packets that shouldn't be re-sent)
    • Fix: uTP recovers faster after timeout
    • Fix: http seeds would not reconnect after stopping and starting torrent
    • Fix: http seed for multifile torrents
    • Fix: uTP issue on low-latency high-throughput networks
    • Fix: Copying long filenames to clipboard no longer results in garbage or crash
    • Fix: Fixed web seed support for multi-file torrents
    • Fix: Handle multi file torrents with web seed urls that incorrectly don't end with a slash
    • Fix: Make sure web seed urls end with a slash for multifile torrents
    • Fix: uTP packet size fix. Sometimes it would send packets exceeding MTU. Fixes long standing rate oscillations.
    • Fix: Fixed crash when receiving a malformed PEX message
    • Fix: Crash when parsing some magnet uri components without values
    • Fix: DHT bootstrap failures now have an exponential back-off
    • Fix: uTP would not ramp up its rate fast enough
    • Fix: Invalid encoding of non-ascii urls in web seeds
    • Fix: uTP fix when receiving acks for old packets
    • Fix: uTP variable packet size bug

    Changes in

    • Fix: Socket bug that caused upnp to hang and fail and hung shutdown.
    • Fix: Shutdown timeout.
    • Fix: Socket error that caused occasional 100% CPU on TCP sockets
    • Fix: Bad socket state on UDP socket timeout that randomly caused high CPU usage
    • Fix: Various TCP and uTP fixes and optimizations.
    • Fix: Optimization for uTP rate limiting.
    • Fix: uTP rate limiting bug.
    • Fix: Broken search.
    • Fix: Copyright notice.

    Changes in

    • Fix: don't wait indefinitely for trackers and UPnP when shutting down
    • Change: Deleted files are now moved to the trash.
    • Fix: Socket bug that broke incoming connections.
    • Fix: 100% CPU utilization
    • Fix: deadlock on socket error.
    • Fix: uTP bug fixes and enhancements
    • Fix: .dat file memory leak
    • Fix: Integrity check .dat files after saving. Do not overwrite file.dat.old with a bad file.dat

    Changes in 0.9.1

    • fix: speculative fix for crashes seen in crashdumps
    • added: Reordering of torrent priority in the queue.
    • fix: Problems when downloading selected files from a multi-file torrent.
    • fix: upgraded application core to the latest code base.

    Changes in

    • fix: speculative fix for crashes seen in crashdumps

    Changes in

    • fix: crash when selecting some .torrent files

    Changes in

    • fix: double-clicking on .torrent file wouldn't open it if uTorrent wasn't already running
    • fix: the icon now properly shows in About box
    • fix: speculative fixes for some crashes from crashdumps

    Changes in

    • fix 100% CPU usage when Peer Guardian is enabled
    • fix 'too many open files' error
    • fix some issues after setting a file to 'Don't download'

    Changes in

    • fix Finder crash when uTorrent is default .torrent application and double-clicking .torrent file

µTorrent (com.bittorrent.utorrent) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is µTorrent 27255. The most popular version of this application used by our users is µTorrent 39558.

Default Install Path: /Applications/

Bundle Identifier: Torrent (com.bittorrent.uTorrent)