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March 14, 2011
January 9, 2013

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RSS Menu is a systemwide menu that allows you to read and organize your favourite RSS or Atom feeds.

The articles are automatically updated and you will get a notification when new articles are available or when some other event occurs. In addition to visual notification, you can also enable speech notification and choose one of the many built in voices.
It is also possible to integrate iTunes (for podcasts) and Safari (for RSS bookmarks) with RSS Menu.

Key features include:

  • background application (doesn't get in your way and is accessible from anywhere)
  • very fast parsing engine
  • importing and exporting of OPML files
  • Growl and speech notification
  • many options to customize the menu
  • support for grouping feeds in submenus and adding seperators
  • support for using RSS Menu as an external reader in Safari (or any other application)
    support for integration with iTunes, Safari, GReader, InstaPaper, ReadItLater and more...
  • support for favourite icons (aka page icons)

  • What's New
    added Feeds Navigator for a better feed browsing experience
    added support for Notification Center when running Mountain Lion, previous versions of Mac OS X use Growl
    RSS Menu is now a Sandboxed application
    Safari Integration is only available on Mac OS X 10.7.3 due to a restriction in the Sandbox
    improved showing of notifications
    improved Detached Menu window
    Safari Integration: added show all bookmarks (like Safari Menu)
    Safari Integration: feeds are now real feeds and will be updated by RSS Menu
    GReader Integration: feeds are now real feeds and will be updated by RSS Menu
    you can now set RSS Menu as the default RSS reader
    improved text size
    improved disabling of images in article preview
    cleaned up notifications preferences
    moved Text options to Appearance preferences pane
    a feed URL will default to http:// if it is not provided
    fixed a bug that would not go to the main feed URL when selecting the menu item
    fixed a bug that would not parse certain feeds, also made the parser more compatible
    fixed a bug where the title of an article would be in a wrong format
    fixed a bug that would not save feeds when restarting the computer
    fixed a bug when renaming feeds or groups
    fixed a bug when counting feeds
    fixed a bug that would display 2 lines of text in a menu
    fixed Start on Login bug

    RSS Menu (com.edotstudios.rss-menu) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

    Operating System: Mac