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September 26, 2015
August 16, 2016

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A few simple color strokes lets obtain natural, realistic results! CODIJY Pro presents the world's most advanced technology for black & white photo colorization. Step-by-step instructions and over than 20 iconic examples included!

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  • Just add simple color strokes & process!

    CODIJY Pro makes it easy to add and change photo colors. Just pick a color, draw color strokes over a photo object, and launch image processing. CODIJY Pro will apply selected colors within the object's boundaries automatically!

  • PRO Only: Instant Preview Mode

    Preview in-progress result in real time. You won't have to launch processing over and over again.

  • Pick colors like a Pro

    Color selection is the key to creating a great-looking colorization. You can pick colors from the palette, select channel by channel or enter them from the keyboard with the advanced Color Picker.

    Search for the best-matching color by comparing your choice to the previous options and colors from the History of color selection!

  • Use ready-made color palettes

    If you are new to color selection, a collection of 32 topical color libraries will help you with picking colors for the most frequent photo objects! You can create and share your own libraries or import the libraries created by other users of CODIJY Pro.

  • Achieve realistic look with multi-color gradients

    Realistic natural-looking photos require a dedicated approach to coloring faces, landscape features and objects with perspective. CODIJY Pro lets you display their color range with multi-color gradient strokes. Use Gradient Settings both to pick multiple colors and manually adjust their transitions to find your ideal color combination!

  • PRO Only: Capture authentic gradients from color photos

    A complex combination of colors can be a real challenge, just capture the colors from a similar-looking color photo with the Gradient Capture tool!

  • Flexible colorizing work environment

    Colorizing may require a lot of precision work. To help you focus on the details, with CODIJY Pro you can personalize your workspace with a handy tool for arranging its toolbars and dialog boxes! Not only that, but CODIJY Pro also provides a set of layouts for a range of screen resolutions.

  • Distraction-free drawing

    Switching between drawing and navigation can be tedious. Use the Navigator for zooming in and out and navigating around the photo without leaving your drawing or color selection modes.

  • To-screen, adjustable previews

    Watch your result in progress! Preview colorized image side by side with the Editor in the Split View. Disable zoom synchronization and preview Results in the original size when working on pixel size details.

  • Share your work with other platforms

    If you need advice or just want to share a successfully colorized image, you can save it to the CODIJY Pro native file format for seamlessly viewing in Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. CODIJY Pro lets you save and share colorized images with masks, libraries, and history.

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  • What's New
  • New: Instant Preview mode
  • New: Switch between vertical and horizontal split in Split View
  • Repaint strokes that are 1 pixel wide
  • Two simultaneously run copies do not overwrite cache
  • Save Document/Export Image button fixed
  • Fixed freezing of Masks export
  • Minor problems fixed

  • CODIJY Pro (com.codijy.colormagic) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is CODIJY Pro 3.6.4.