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April 2, 2016
August 21, 2016

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PictureViewer (LTS) - Real Time Event Photography - Enjoy your pictures as a slideshow on any device without import in REAL TIME.
1. Take a picture 2. PictureViewer displays it in real time 3. Show it on your Big Screen
Support for Real Time Viewing - Supports WiFi SD Cards like eyefi, Transcend, FlashAir, ezShare, SHAREit, AirCard and any other WiFi SD cards.

Can display new received pictures in real time over WiFi SD Cards or any other shared folder. For example, you can now use any WiFi SD Card like eyefi, Transcend, FlashAir, ezShare, SHAREit, AirCard to show pictures on a monitor, screen, beamer or whatever in real time.

So then he inserted the SD card with some brand new photos. Then he just fired up
PictureViewer and voila! This was amazing. He didn't have to import anything. No import required. He could switch to full-screen mode, or play the show in windowed mode, set slide speed, set background and more.

Then he typed in a letter while PictureViewer stays on top in a window.

With PictureViewer you can do exactly that.

Usage and Support
Please visit https://www.flagsoft.com/cmswp/software/pictureviewer

Feature List
  • no import - no import, just open folder to view images
  • toggle "stay on top" - view image slideshow in a windows while doing someting else
  • slide show in Full Screen Mode
  • slide show in Window Mode
  • remote control with IR Remote device
  • manual control for slide show
  • speed control for slide show
  • change Background
  • works with USB memory sticks
  • works with USB hard drives
  • works with SD memory cards
  • basically works with anything you can show in Finder

    With PictureViewer you can just view your images in a slideshow.

    Navigation Control

    We have built in extensive navigation control for PictureViewer so that you can present your photos as simple as it should be.


  • Navigate Forward: Space | Right Arrow | Down Arrow
  • Navigate Backwards: Backspace | Left Arrow | Up Arrow
  • Speed Control: Keys 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 (default) | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 0 (zero). Just hit a number: 1 for 1 seconds, 2 for 2 seconds, etc. until 0 (zero) for 10 seconds. The default is 4 seconds
  • Change Background: Just hit b to cycle though black, white, gray or gradient for background. Gradient works best for most photos which is the default setup

    User Interface Control

  • Change background
  • Stay on top
  • Switch to 100% zoom to stretched
  • Backwards
  • Start slide show in fullscreen mode
  • Forward
  • Start slide show in windowed mode
  • Rotate to the left by 90°
  • Rotate to the right by 90°

    For more information, please visit:

  • What's New
  • So you take pictures for an event and want to show any new picture you took on a big screen immediately in real time? Here it is.
    Added support for real time WiFi SD Cards like eyefi, Transcend, FlashAir, ezShare, SHAREit, AirCard and any other WiFi SD card. Just choose a folder as usual. If any new picture is placed in the selected folder or subfolder, PictureViewer displays this picture immediatly. So as long as you can reach a folder PictureViewer can display a new picture in real time.
    This is interesting for example if you are an event photographer. Just connect your WiFi SD card with your Mac, then choose the sharing folder and you are ready to go. Any picture you take with your DSLR will be shown within PictureViewer. If our Mac is connected to a beamer, the beamer shows and new picture you take on the big screen immediatly. Very cool !
  • You can also setup one or more photographers. For example, if you have photographer A, B and C you can setup this folder structure:

    Then just setup your WiFi SD Card accordingly for each photographer. (Photographer A writes to folder ./photos/photographer-a/ etc.)

    Then just point to ./photos/ with PictureViewer, and it displays any photo from Photographer A, B or C.

  • PictureViewer (com.flagsoft.pictureviewer4mac) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is PictureViewer 9.