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PhotosBlender is an app for combining photos horizontally or vertically using gradient blending at the seams where they are joined.

What can PhotosBlender do for me?

  • Blends photos to create photomontages.

  • Blends vertically or horizontally.

  • Blend your blends to create arrays of blended photos.

  • Variable blending gradient or overlap.

  • Save results to disk or the clipboard.

    It's easy to use!

    1) Locate the files you want to blend in the Finder or iPhoto.

    2) Drag the files you want to blend into the Blender window's "photo browser" at the bottom.

    Each file you add will have a small "X" on it to remove it from the browser, or you can just select it and click the delete button.

    Files are blended in the order they appear in the browser.

    Drag and Drop the files in the browser to reorder them. They are ordered by name by default.

    3) Photos are blended using a blending gradient. You can choose the width of this gradient in the Preferences window.

    4) Use the "Blend" button in the lower right corner of the window to blend the photos.

    If you quickly click the blend button the photos in the photo browser will be blended horizontally.

    To obtain the menu for selection of the vertical blend option simply click down on the Blend button until it appears.

    5) When the blending is completed it will appear in the "Result" window.

    If the result is not what you expected, double check that the size and resolution of the images are similar. PhotosBlender will "trim" the result to match the width and or height of the smallest photo.

    You can now copy the result to the clipboard or export it to a file.

    That's all there is to it!

    If you want to create "arrays" of blended photos simply blend your photos horizontally first, saving each result, and then blend these results vertically. In other words, you can blend your blends.


  • What's New
    Added a preference option named "Megapixel Limit" that allows users to turn off the internal limit on the size of the output image.

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