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February 22, 2012
January 9, 2013

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Browser was created to help manage multiple web accounts and to arrange dynamic web pages.
Most standard browsers only allow one web account to be logged in at a time. With this app, each window acts as an independent browser, allowing multiple accounts (on the same domain) to be accessed simultaneously.
Open and arrange multiple or single accounts (username and password pre-filled) with just one click, saving daily set up time.
Used in conjunction with OSX's 'Spaces' feature, you can have a different account on each space.
Crop the live stock price from popular finance web sites and have it float as a small and discreet window in front of all other windows as you work.


  • Remember the position, size and scroll of each window.
  • Float window above all others.
  • Drag to crop.
  • Auto-fill username and password.
  • Open/Close multiple web pages with one click.

    Potential Uses...
  • Crop stock graph or price from finance web sites.
  • Manage multiple email accounts.
  • Manage multiple share dealing/CFD/Spread Betting accounts.
  • Multiple Twitter accounts
  • etc

    Please Note: The current version of this app does not encrypt your username and password. A future update will address this. Browser does NOT work with Flash based web sites.

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    Minimum OS version: 10.7

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