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January 25, 2011
January 9, 2013

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Calcline is a latest generation algebraic calculator easy to use and with advanced characteristics.
It works also as a service to _all_ the other app you have installed on your Mac!
You just select a math expression in any other app you have and from the service menu you paste the result!


It is enough to insert a mathematical expression and Calcline will immediately show the numeric result.
You can also select in any other app you have a text containing an expression and Calcline

Calcline was thought both for a simply use if you need to solve simply calculation as example a normal sum, or for calculation of complex expressions with nested trigonometric functions containing variables, constants, and assigning the result at a alphanumeric variables to use at later time.
Calcline does both jobs in a excellent way, and the user has full control of all the data and calculations executed.

Calcline can work in three way:
  • As a compact strip window utility providing an area to input and solve mathematical expressions and shows a summary of variables and constants values.
  • As a full size window application showing variables and constants values inside editable tables and optionally showing calculations step by step in a log area.
 (Switching from small to full size window is performed with a simple click)
  • As a service available inside _all_ the other apps you have installed on your Mac (from any app, if you have '1+1' as text you can select it and solve it as '2' or '1+1 = 2' directly from the service menu, without entering Calcline!

    Calcline is easy to use and anyone also without a specific mathematical background can use this app and its base functions instead of the classical desktop calculator with advantages in terms of compactness, flexibility of use, visualization of executed operations, used variables and obtained results.

    Using it in an advanced way, Calcline offers mathematical expressions with infinite level of parenthesis to nest expressions and a large selections of math functions as:
    square root, cube root, trigonometric sine, trigonometric cosine, trigonometric tangent, trigonometric arcsine, trigonometric arccosine, trigonometric arctangent, hyperbolic sine, hyperbolic cosine, hyperbolic tangent, hyperbolic arcsine, hyperbolic arccosine, hyperbolic arctangent, natural logarithm, base 10 logarithm, exponent base e, exponent base 2, exponent base 10, absolute, ceil, floor, factorial computation.

    This app is fully compatible and optimized for OS X 10.7.3 Lion.

  • Evaluates mathematical expressions with parentheses, nested functions, variables and constants
  • Easy to use and ideal substitute of the old desktop calculator
  • The user simply inserts an expression and Calcline displays the result
  • Variable creation and reference inside expressions are very easy using an interactive table.
  • Constant table with editable values
  • Variables and constants values are retained over different runs
  • Expressions solved optionally step by step showing all the mathematical passages.
  • Uses a very small window, expandable if necessary to show additional details (switch with a simple click).
  • Offers calculation service to other Apps, just selecting an expression and choosing 'Calc With Calcline' from the services menu.
  • Based on a custom fast calculation engine developed by Tension Software on OS X.
  • Uses long double calculation (High precision with up to 16 decimal digit precision)
  • Popup for fast introduction of variables and constants in formula
  • DEG and RAD calculation for trigonometric functions
  • Numeric format customizable depending the user needs and country
  • Values and position retained over relaunches
  • Sandboxed app for the maximum level of security
  • Native Help system
  • Embedded PDF user guide

  • What's New
  • Better calculation services offered to all the apps
  • Better number format handling
  • Better input of numbers in tables (no alphabetic entry allowed except 'E' and 'e')
  • Sandboxed release
  • Bug fix in the constant column resizing
  • Minor bug fixes in the windows layout

  • Calcline (com.tensionsoftware.calcline) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

    Operating System: Mac

    Default Install Path: /Applications/

    Minimum OS version: 10.6.6

    Bundle Information: Calcline 3.0