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February 6, 2011
January 9, 2013

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Engineering Assistant contains a multitude of useful tools for the engineer, scientist, and student. Extensive units conversion, materials property database, and a free-form functions and formula database are included. The most important aspect of Engineering Assistant is that it allows you to edit and add data that best fits your needs.

The conversion tool is linked to the materials database so that you can view and copy property data in many different units. The materials database allows variable property data, such as conductivity vs temperature. The functions database allows you the freedom to create your own project hierarchies with just about any information you want. Entries for function information can include web links, graphics & pictures, other documents, and movies. Engineering Assistant will be a welcome addition to your engineering and academic work.

Create your own project tracking databases and keep all of your work, school, and home project data in one convenient place. Use DropBox to synch your data to all of your Macs.

Your data will remain under your control: By setting a personal password to enable data editing, you can allow others to use Engineering Assistant on your personal Macintosh, without letting them alter any of the data.

What's New
Major upgrade:
You can now create up to four projects within Engineering Assistant to keep track of all of your home, work, and school projects.
Added automatic scaling of graphics when printing function and project items.
Added move up & down editing buttons for Function and Project items.
You can now change the size of the main Engineering Assistant window.
Bug fixes and code enhancements to increase stability.

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Minimum OS version: 10.6.6

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