What's New


  • Fix crash on macOS 10.10
  • Reduce time interval for check of plugin


  • Include French localization
  • Improve Undo Send dialog
  • Check for availability of person insight immediately
  • Fix compatibility with macOS 10.12.4 beta
  • Fix display of Person Insight button
  • Fix display of scheduled send date in message list
  • Fix size of Person Insight popover
  • Correctly show authentication errors to user
  • Fix share creation with nextcloud (owncloud)
  • Minor fix of counting of consumed actions
  • Regularly check for plugin status from backend application


  • Fix crash on macOS 10.10 and macOS 10.11
  • Fix crash when there is no email account
  • Fix display of 'details' link for email headers
  • Fix tracking of attachment download links


  • New Feature: Message Templates
  • New Feature: Person Insight (Business)
  • New Feature: Link/Download Tracking (Business)
  • New Feature: Task Delegation (Business)
  • Added keyboard shortcut for Tasks
  • Optionally show user notification of first message open
  • Modified placement of tracking information
  • Updated compatibility list
  • Fix handling of custom signature templates
  • Fixed display of keyword list for attachment reminder


  • Compatibility with macOS 10.12.2 beta 3
  • Fixed 'Snooze' for Exchange accounts


  • Fixed 'Unsubscribe' feature for 10.10 and 10.11


  • Added free trial of our Business plan
  • Fixed crashes on macOS 10.10 Yosemite


  • New Feature: Inbox Pause !!!
  • New Feature: Giphy !!!
  • New Feature: Quote !!!
  • Performance improvement
  • Compatibility with macOS 10.12.2
  • Fix bug not updating Snooze email count
  • Improvements for unsubscribe function
  • Fix authentication with ownCloud
  • Fix FTP upload
  • Set due date for reminders in Apple Reminders
  • Fix Snooze for POP3 accounts
  • Changes to Exchange email handling


  • Fixed Exchange bug leading to empty header fields
  • Fixed attachment reminder keywords
  • Fixed bug that enabled tracking when replying to tracked email


  • Fixed undo send
  • Fixed rare crash


  • New Feature: Tasks !!!
  • AutoBCC for Business plans
  • Tracking Details for Business plans
  • Updated localizations
  • Perform cleanup of Snooze directory regularly
  • Make sure that there is always one upload service selected
  • Some performance improvements
  • Load signature templates from the cloud
  • Always copy to global Applications directory
  • Fixed bug in authentication of FTP uploader
  • Fix fetching of avatar images
  • Refresh user info on application launch
  • Fix Evernote tags
  • Improved unsubscribe function by fixing POST method
  • Minor fix to Wunderlist service


  • Include notes, messageURL and priority with reminder services
  • Activate private key file button
  • Improved unsubscription via email
  • Fix attachment upload for Sierra
  • Fix keyboard shortcuts for notes
  • Fixed due date for Todoist reminders
  • Some cleanup for snoozed messages


  • Compatibility with macOS 10.12 Sierra
  • New reminder service: Wunderlist
  • New reminder service: Todoist
  • New reminder service: Asana
  • New notes service: OneNote
  • New upload service: OneDrive
  • Polish localization
  • Show more error dialogs


  • Minor fixes and improvements


  • Show information about status of open tracking


  • Show "Load Remote Content" button


  • New Feature: Unsubscribe !!!
  • Improved visualization of consumed and remaining actions
  • Extended product identity (mint header) to menus
  • Allow to unsnooze a message
  • Improved snooze options
  • Fixed handling of Apple Reminder lists


  • New Feature: Snooze !!!
  • One-click note creation
  • Added new social media icons for signatures (Vimeo, Tumblr, Xing, Soundcloud)
  • Fixed token cloud for note tags
  • Fixed picture size of email signatures
  • Improved Favion image loading


  • Added Responsive Signatures
  • Allows selection of reminder list for Follow-Up
  • Mobile preview of signature
  • Restart Mail only if necessary
  • Remove local Evernote notebooks, if removed in Evernote


  • Fixed Direct Inbox with Gmail accounts
  • Fixed synchronization of Evernote notebooks


  • Added Direct Inbox menu
  • Added 'Help' buttons to MailButler preferences
  • Allow to disable automatic updates
  • Fixed Favicon image loading
  • Fixed Evernote tags in business notebooks
  • Reduced volume of MailButler sound
  • Don't show duplicate links for uploaded cloud attachments


  • Fixed Evernoty synchronization
  • Fixed Favicon image loading
  • Fixed 'Cannot use server for delivery' dialog


  • Fixed bug leading to crashes on startup


  • Emojis!!!
  • Improved signature management
  • Sync signatures via iCloud
  • Use double-sized images for signatures to support Retina displays
  • Fixed signature information dialog
  • Show error if plugin installation fails
  • Allow to scroll note tags


  • Fixed cloud uploading of images for signatures
  • Fixed bug related to "missing serviceIdentifier"


  • Show status in message header view
  • Fixed Follow-Up for Gmail
  • Fixed ownCloud linking
  • fixed tracking button state


  • Added Follow-Up reminder functionality
  • Allow to logout MailButler user
  • Allow to access log file from Mail's help menu
  • Sort accounts alphabetically in menubar
  • Show correct message date for scheduled emails


  • Fixed tracking functionality
  • Ask user whether to enable tracking by default


  • Fixed Google+ avatar loader
  • Updated Google+ icon
  • Fixed tracking problem


  • Tracking works for Gmail now!
  • Improved scheduling functionality (based on SendLater's approach)
  • Fixed undo send functionality
  • Fixed login window loop in preferences
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements


  • Added tracking functionality
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements


  • Fixed scheduling action counting


  • Fixed scheduling functionality
  • Fixed Favicon avatar loading


  • Fixed selection of SFTP private key file
  • Reduced number of simultaneous loadings of avatar images
  • Allow to logout of Evernote service
  • Fixed accidental deletion of 'undo send' emails
  • Fixed fullscreen behavior
  • Fixed all dialogs to not block Mail application

MailButler (com.feingeist.mailbutler) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is MailButler 6763.

Operating System: Mac

Minimum OS version: 10.10

Copyright: Copyright (c) 2017 Feingeist. All rights reserved.