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July 8, 2016
July 31, 2016

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Bookmark Reminder Pro is a website bookmarking utility that optionally allows the creation of reminders for important web pages.

  • Keep track of your forum posts, be reminded to check for replies
  • Found a great gift? Set a reminder on the web page for a future birthday idea.
  • Located a recipe for a future special occasion, add a reminder for the page.
  • Working on a University project and found a great article that will be useful next month? add it.
  • Festivals, gigs and events. Often we come across an event that sounds great, then forget about it. Not now!
  • Don't want to stare at that auction page countdown? Just add a reminder for a few minutes before it completes.

    Never again forget those important web pages.

    Bookmark Reminder Pro can be used without reminders too, use it to rapidly search your saved bookmarks based on keywords, title, url or a folder name or all at once.

    When viewing a web page through your Safari or Chrome web browser you can click Bookmark Reminder Pro to add a bookmark of the website. The web page title and url is automatically retrieved from your web browser and a thumbnail screenshot can be saved. Optionally add keywords, folders and a reminder.

    Bookmark Reminder Pro is under continuous development, new features, improvements and user requests are always listened too.

    Supports web browsers Safari 9.1.1 and Chrome 51.0.2704

  • What's New
    Version 1.1

    1. New : Import Safari & Chrome bookmarks from your web browser.
    2. New : Button to refresh the bookmark thumbnail when adding or editing a bookmark.
    3. New : Added page title and url to browser view.
    4. New : Added reminder icon to browser so you know which bookmarks have reminders on them.
    5. New : Any bookmarks that have reminders in search result list will be highlighted in yellow.
    6. New : Notification centre support.
    7. New : Button that allows resetting the reminder date to today in Add bookmark, helpful if you mess up the date and want to quickly reset it.
    8. New : Added tooltips throughout app.
    9. Fix: Wrong thumbnail appearing sometimes.
    10. Fix: Removed limit on web page capture length.
    11. Fix: Long search results window no longer jumps to the right.
    12. Fix: Reminder date will update to today when adding a new bookmark, in case you want to add a reminder.
    13. Fix, Deleting a folder in browser view will redisplay the browser window afterwards.
    14. Fix: When editing a bookmark from search results it now selects folder and new thumbnail correctly.
    15. Fix: Adjustment to search results table height.
    16. Fix: Added vertical scrollbar to long search results.
    17. Fix. Reminder dates with weekly reminders not triggering correctly
    18. Fix. Repeating reminders that expired a long time ago no longer pop up for every new alarm date still in the past.

    Bookmark Reminder Pro (com.geoffcoope.bookmark-reminder-pro) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Bookmark Reminder Pro 020.

    Operating System: Mac

    Minimum OS version: 10.7

    Copyright: Copyright (c) 2016 Geoff Coope. All rights reserved.