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January 12, 2011
January 9, 2013

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iServer Project 2.0 runs an all-in-one collaborative web portal on your machine so that you can work online and spread the word about your project. It is a unique software designed for everyone. A simple On/Off switch launches iServer on your machine, offering a fully featured Web 2.0 portal, operational in a flash. Setting up a web portal has never been so easy.


iServer Project 2.0 allows up to 5 users to collaborate on a project:
  • Set up a public web server for the project, including a blog, twitter feeds integration and more.
  • Set up an intranet with up to 5 groups, which will allow the project members to share files, information using internal blogs, wikis and more.
  • Build a structured information base, that you can query using a fast search engine.

    The iServer softwares Project 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 provide CMS solutions with an integrated intranet / extranet, a social network and a large range of communication and collaborative Web 2.0 tools. With iServer, you can create groups incorporating medias such as blogs, forums, wikis, calendars. A group can be private or public, enabling a very simple configuration of the access rights. These groups also allow file and calendar sharing. If wished, a user's personal calendar can be automatically updated with the events of the groups joined.

    iServer rests on a unique technology allowing the creation of fully integrated web applications, and not a mash-up of software layers. As a result, iServer is blazingly fast and secure.

    The quality and the innovation of MLstate's products is the result of important R&D efforts which have been recognized by several institutions, of which, the French Ministry of Research (2008 IT contest) and the French Ministry of Economy (2009 "Call for project Web 2.0").
    Since 2010, MLstate is a member of the W3C.

    If only for the website functionality, this is the best server money can buy: It is way faster than open source alternatives, and much simpler to install and administer.

    iServer characteristics
    Excellent UX (Ex: a simple On/Off switch to launch the server)

    Major iServer features
    Website (CMS)
    Social network
    Blogs, forums & wikis
    Interactive calendars

  • What's New
    = New Features =

    Simplified the user interface of the main application
    Removed the site-page /admin.login, replaced by user management inside the application
    Created new statistics concerning the activation of inscriptions
    Added an option to follow the topic that is being created
    Added a button to reset site logo
    Closing a discussion now can raise an event
    Users added by an administrator using "multiple subscriptions" are now automatically activated when the option "Registrations must be approved by administrators" is checked.
    The html tag <formatted> is now accepted in user html

    = Improvements and bug fixes =

    Updated default CSS
    Changed welcome screen (for new database)
    Better support for JPEG images
    Better menu navigation
    Better handling of user sessions and cookies
    Removed Profile menu
    Improved the behaviour and fixed various bugs of the Rich Text Editor
    Improved the presentation of search results for tagged events
    Improved indexation for People, Forums, Topics, Wikis
    Improved the management of browser's back and forward buttons
    Improved the default design of the website
    Improved dates for future events
    Improved message in dashboard for "no comment"
    Improved compatibility with IE7/8
    Improved live statistics for connected users
    Improved various texts in the web interface
    Improved character encoding in mail notifications
    Improved the wiki interface
    Improved the process for user subscriptions
    Fixed a bug concerning some titles containing special characters
    Fixed the preview display of wikis
    Fixed the thumbnails associated to image files
    Fixed a bug concerning the versioning of files
    Fixed a bug concerning the upload of users' pictures by an admin
    Fixed a bug concerning the edition of forums by administrators
    Fixed several minor bugs
    Minor language fix

    iServer Project 2.0 (com.mlstate.iserver-project) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

    Operating System: Mac

    Default Install Path: /Applications/iServer Project

    Minimum OS version: 10.6.6

    Copyright: Copyright (c) 2010-2011 MLstate. All rights reserved.