Get the most out of your Mac with our Mac OS X Lion video training course App! Great for anyone new to the Mac or new to OS X 10.7 Lion!

  • 4+ Hours of HD Mac OS X Video Tutorials!
  • 83 lessons on everything (Not just new features!) it takes to use Mac OS X Lion.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for each lesson are listed along side the video!
  • Take notes about what you have learned, the App auto-saves them and lets you print them out as one PDF!
  • Simple interface that makes is easy to navigate through the course.
  • The viewer is guided the with zooms, pans and highlights of what is being discussed.

    With over 80 HD training videos this course covers all the basics of Mac OS X Lion along with some more advanced content. Anyone new to the Mac or new to Lion will benefit from these tutorials. Discover the best ways to perform basic file and folder navigation, put all those system preferences to work for you and how to use built in apps like iCal, Mail, Safari, iTunes, Preview and Address Book. Each video is presented in HD video at 1280x720 resolution.

    The voice and guide behind this training App is Drew Swanson. Drew is a 20+ year Mac user and has been using Macs professionally in the graphic design and photography fields for over 10 years. SInce 2007 Drew has been a member of The Apple Consultants Network, working in the Boise Idaho area to provide support and training to Mac users at their home and business. In 2009 Drew started TheMacU to provide video training courses to Mac users anywhere in the World.

    Course Outline...

  • App Introduction

    A. Desktop and Finder (About 48 minutes)
    1. The Desktop
    2. The Menubar
    3. Using the Finder
    4. Finder Preferences
    5. View Options
    6. The Dock
    7. Stacks
    8. The Home Folder
    9. LaunchPad
    10. Disc Burning
    11. Mission Control
    12. Spotlight Search

    B. System Preferences (About 75 Minutes)
    1.Sys Pref Intro
    2. General
    3. Desktop & Screen Saver
    4. Dock
    5. Mission Control
    6. Language & Text
    7. Security & Privacy
    8. Spotlight
    9. Universal Access
    10. CDs & DVDs
    11. Displays
    12. Energy Saver
    13. Keyboard
    14. Mouse
    15. Trackpad
    16. Print & Scan
    17. Sound
    18. Mail Contacts & Calendars
    19. MobileMe
    20. Network
    21. Bluetooth
    22. Sharing
    23. Users & Groups
    24. parental Controls
    25. Date & Time
    26. Software Update
    27. Speech
    28. Time Machine
    29. Startup Disk
    30. Other

    C. Applications (About 130 Minutes)

    1. Full Screen, Auto-Save, Versions and Resume

    2. Safari
    •Safari Intro
    •Bookmarks & Reading List
    •Tabbed Browsing
    •Printing Web Pages
    •Viewing PDFs

    3. Mail
    •Account Setup
    •View Mail
    •Compose Mail
    •Junk Mail
    •Mailboxes & Rules
    •Data Detectors & Signatures

    4. iCal
    •The iCal Interface
    •Creating Calendars & Events
    •Print Calendars

    5. Addressbook
    •Create & Edit Contacts
    •Editing Fields & Photos
    •View Options, Groups, Search

    6. iTunes
    •The iTunes Interface
    •iTunes Preferences
    •Importing Songs
    •Creating Playlists & Burning CDs
    •Using the iTunes & Mac App Stores

    7. Preview
    •View & Edit Images
    •View & Edit PDFs
    •Annotate PDFs
    •Taking Screenshots

    8. Text Edit
    •The TextEdit Toolbar
    •Text Styles
    •Lists & Tables

    9. Dictionary
    •Spell Check

    10. Quicktime Player
    •Play & Trim

    11. Time Machine
    •Recover Files
    •Put Back

    D. Basic Troubleshooting (About 10 Minutes)
    1. Organization and maintenance
    2. What to try first.
    3. Disk Utility
    4. Where to go for help?

  • What's New
  • New playback features, variable speed and 30 second replay!
  • Dual full screen modes. View only the video in full screen or the full App interface with lesson list and video!
  • Mark lessons as favorites!
  • Bug Fixes

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