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January 5, 2011
January 9, 2013

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It's time to go beyond the traditional calculators.
Magic Number lets you calculate better in every way.

First, you get a clear view of your calculation - like what you see in math.
Two, you enter the calculation the way you knew it - intuitively and algebraically.
You get lots of functions. You get high precision answers too. But most of all, you get a good experience.

Check out more screenshots on our website.
In the meantime, here's a brief summary:

– See the whole calculation. Properly formatted.
Everything becomes easier to understand.
– Any size you like.
Resize the calculator to your heart's content.
– What you think is what you type:
'8 sin 30' instead of '8 * 30 sin' or '8 * sin(30)'.
– Easier tax and percentages:
'100 + tax' for '$100 with sales tax'.
'250 – 10%' for '$250 with 10% discount'.

Enjoy more:

– Be brave. With 'History', you can go back anytime.
– No more messy numbers, see π and other constants as symbols.
– Effortlessly handle complex numbers. Electrical engineers will smile.
– Over 70 functions. Check out Calculations > Extra Functions.
– Lots of cool shortcuts, e.g. you can press X to multiply.
Check out Preferences > Shortcuts for more.

Do more:

– Be precise. With 25 digits accuracy, you are more correct.
– Be lazy. Use 'Data' to sum a list of numbers. You can use it for statistics too.
– There is '2D Data' for linear regression.
– You can do the real Matrix: inverse, determinant, Gaussian elimination.
– And dream in bits: binary, octal, hexadecimals.

What's New
– Improved compatibility with Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8)
– Improved support for Retina MacBook Pro.
– Improved UI for precision options.
– History, data, 2d data, and, matrix now have multiple undos.
– Minor bug fixes.

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