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February 19, 2015
July 24, 2015

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MindUpFree is a fast and efficient mind mapping App, supporting full keyboard driven by Vim_style shortcuts.

It is really convenient that there is no need to switch input method to manage mind map by shortcuts ( such as fold/unfold, delete, cursor moving, etc.) after inputing Latin, Greek, Russian, Arabic, Syrian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Ivrit/Hebrew characters in a thought node and you can continue to create or modify node by shortcut i/a/o/A/O and input characters with your input method because there is no change on your input method during the procedure of operating and inputing. We believe that this is the way to improve people's productivity.

MindUpFree can also present your contents just like keynote or powerpoint but in mind map style ( try to press ? after running the App ).

  • Text/Image/Attachment/Math/Radial/Bracket thoughts
  • Multi_line thought breaks to single_line thoughts
  • Merging thoughts to be a multi_line thought
  • Import a map to be a branch of current focused thought
  • Export the branch of current focused thought to a new map
  • Bookmark/viewmark for fast moving of the cursor instead of only clicking on thought to set the cursor
  • Mark each node on screen in view mark mode by a char, Then type the char to move cursor on the corresponding node. ( for free version )
  • Mark each node on screen in view mark mode by a char or a string prefixed with 'a' or 'aa',
    Then type the char or string to move cursor on the corresponding node. ( for Mindup.Pro version )
  • Thought Attribute or SubText Attribute in a thought setting (not for free version)
  • Export to PDF/PNG/JPG/SVG
  • Searching even if it's folded
  • Presentation mode present contents as Keynote or PowerPoint but in MindMap way ( try ? after running the App )
  • Multi_thought copy/paste among Tabs

    If you have any suggestion or question, please contact us by email at
    Enjoy !

  • What's New

  • Change thought location related to sibling thoughts by mouse button clicking/dragging
  • Highlight thoughts in visual mode, drag the highlighted thoughts to a non-highlighted thought and release mouse button to move them to be its children
  • Highlight thoughts in visual mode, drag the highlighted thoughts to a non-highlighted thought and release mouse button with Ctrl button down to copy them to be its children
  • Change mouse shape when it is flipping over edges of image thought to notify the chance of resizing the image thought

    Bug fixed:
  • promote to save file for new image/attachment thought when quitting or closing window
  • failure on inputing text with input method sometimes
  • failure on copy/paste in normal mode sometimes
  • failure on pasting from clipboard before any copy in mindup
  • adjust relationship line angle only if one of its two ends is selected with the blue thought cursor
  • messy location after cut/paste sometimes


  • Command_d to drill up current selected thought and its children with related bracket/radial thoughts
  • Command_m, Command_Shift_M to create simple math thought independently (matplotlib module included)
  • Ctrl_m, Ctrl_Shift_M to create complex math formula utilising TexLive for Mac
  • Command_Ctrl_m to show mathematic symbol manual with help of creating math thought by Command_m/M
  • Command_L to hide/show relationship links
  • user manual updated
  • Command_s/o for save/open file
  • Command_t/n/H/L for toggle toolbar or new tab or pretab or nexttab
  • Command w/n for close/open tab
  • promote to save files if there are new edits when quitting or closing window
  • double_click on mouse button to enter/leave viewmode

    Bugs fixed:
  • no permission of operation o/O/Command_m on root thought or bracket/radial thought
  • failure related to bookmark
  • copy/paste problem on math thought
  • messy location on parent creation of bracket/radial thought
  • messy location after cut/paste thoughts
  • messy location and children lost on spliced thought
  • collapse caused by subtext copy (Ctrl_c/Command_c) in insert mode

  • MindupFree (pro.mindup.mindupfree) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is MindupFree 1.3.19.

    Operating System: Mac

    Minimum OS version: 10.9

    Bundle Information: 1.3.19, (C) 2010 The Mindup Team http://www.mindup.pro

    Copyright: Copyright 2010 Tao Dong