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April 17, 2011
January 9, 2013

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NoteTaker™ for OS X, first introduced in 2002, is a third generation information processor for individuals. NoteTaker combines the power of the built-in outliner with a visually rich notebook interface for organizing information and creating personal notebooks.

NoteTaker is foremost a personal note and idea organizer. You can make a list, create an outline or jot down an idea. But NoteTaker scales with your needs, enabling you to add, change, and organize your information as needed, no matter what form it takes - lists, outlines, paragraphs of rich text, audio, video, or even embedded live web content and flash animation, from one page to hundreds of pages.

NoteTaker's visual metaphor is a rich "spiral" notebook pages with section tabs. You can create your own custom notebooks, from basic outlines and checklists to complex reports and project binders.

Use it to communicate ideas. Organize personal information for fast retrieval. Keep a project or daily journal. Take notes in meetings and record synchronized audio lectures. Browse and clip web information to your notebook. Create a project plan or syllabus. Write a book! Used by thousands of individuals, students, teachers and other professionals worldwide, NoteTaker is software you'll use every single day.

NoteTaker now includes personal real-time sharing, a feature previously exclusive to AquaMinds NoteShare™. Instantly share a notebook, in a few easy clicks, with family members on other Macs at home, or read your shared notebooks from your iPhone or iPad while at home or on the road using NoteShare Mobile Viewer.

Please visit the AquaMinds web site at for more information on NoteTaker.


  • Full rich text editing including lists, tables, and substitutions
  • Drag and drop image, movie, audio and other file attachments for inline playback
  • Voice Memo recordings time-linked to text entries, with compression and voice activation
  • Integrated live web browsing and search
  • Clipping and Search Service support
  • PDF and DOC import and viewing


  • Built-in outlining with multiple pages and sections
  • User-customizable Tags and Templates
  • Easy hyperlinking to URLs, Voice Memos, notebook content, Pop-up Annotations, and AppleScripts.
  • Automatically-maintained Index section for text, tags, document types, links and more.
  • To Do List management
  • Highlight and Summarize for gathering notes
  • Navigation Drawer with History, Contents, and Notebook Libraries


  • One-click emailing of notebooks and Page Folios
  • Web Notebook™ creation and automatic updating for publishing to the web
  • Real-time interactive sharing and collaboration
  • Print pages, sections or entire notebooks to PDF
  • Free NoteShare Viewer and NoteShare Mobile Viewer apps for sharing notebooks with others.

    And More:

  • Password protection with secure AES-128 encryption
  • Spotlight, QuickLook, and VoiceOver ready
  • AppleScript support

    What's in your notebook?

  • Science and medical researchers organizing project and lab notes
  • Lawyers organizing cases and research
  • Students organizing academic work and projects
  • Teachers preparing and sharing class and courseware
  • Creative artists authoring books, outlining new projects
  • Project managers organizing details, plans and action items
  • Executive teams outlining, organizing and preparing business plans
  • Consultants tracking meeting notes, agendas and tasks
  • Knowledge workers organizing, sharing and publishing information
  • Family users organizing trips, planning projects or writing a journal
  • Individuals creating their own custom notebooks

    Also check out our proven collaboration products NoteShare and NoteShare Server. While including all the features of NoteTaker, these apps provide more powerful sharing capabilities for workgroups, schools or other institutions.

  • What's New
  • Full support for App Sandboxing in OS X Lion and later.
  • Images can be auto-scaled to fit the width of an entry.
  • An image's scaling can be propagated to all images on the page, section, or notebook.
  • Favorites from the Special Characters pallet are now available from the Edit menu.
  • Added a new "Download" contextual menu item for attachments in remote notebooks.
  • Find and Replace now operates on page and section titles in addition to entry contents.
  • "docx" format files can now be imported.
  • RTF, text, tab, pdf, doc, and docx files can now be imported as an outline or a single entry.
  • Page marks are now displayed in Libraries, and can be dragged into a Library.
  • Finder aliases to notebooks are now recognized and included in Libraries.
  • Added Strikethrough to Format->Font menu and editor contextual menu.
  • Improved handling of superscripts on ruled pages.
  • "Copy Entry URL" and "Copy Page URL" menu items were added to the Sharing menu.
  • Newly created Clipping and Search services are now enabled by default.
  • New preferences allow selection of defaults for showing tags and controls on a page.
  • The Share->Email menu now includes an option to email a page as a PDF attachment.
  • The default entry on a newly-created page is now automatically in edit mode.
  • Clicking below the last entry now puts the text cursor at the end of the last entry.
  • Default shortcuts for "Font->Bigger" and "Font->Smaller" are now the OS X standard.
  • Fixed issue causing a de-capitalized word to be removed from the index.
  • The "Move Highlighed" option in Highlight & Summarize is now fully undoable.
  • Changes to the default fonts for a remote notebook are now saved in the owner's copy.
  • Fixed an issue causing links to documentation notebooks not to work.
  • Fixed display issue with entry selection outlines when the zoom is greater than 100%.
  • Entry background color no longer disappears when the cursor becomes active in the entry.
  • Text tables exported to Web Notebooks now better reflect user-adjusted column widths.
  • Nested text tables are now correctly exported to Web Notebooks.
  • Removed problematic "--" from the comments of some NTML exported files.
  • Favorite Style keyboard shortcuts assigned by a user are now preserved after restarting.
  • Favorite styles now properly preserve underline settings.
  • Safari images and Mail attachments are now correctly clipped using clipping services.
  • Entry creation date is no longer reset when copying and pasting entries.
  • Fixed some issues setting the background image for pages in remote notebooks.
  • Fixed issue with web notebooks viewed in IE9 on Windows 7.
  • Underlines in styled text are now reproduced in web notebooks.
  • Fixed issue with display of multiple-page PDF attachments.
  • Fixed issue causing the Hyperlink toolbar button to not work.
  • Saving a local copy of a remote notebook no longer fails if the cover page was not viewed.
  • Fixed issue causing display problems when toggling the Toolbar while the Ruler is visible.
  • Column background color now changes after changing page background in Preferences.
  • Fixed issues caused by non-image attachments are included in To Do page entries.
  • Fixed issues caused by referencing attachments from the index section.
  • Font->Underline command now works on multiple entry selections.

  • NoteTaker (com.aquaminds.notetaker) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

    Operating System: Mac

    Default Install Path: /Applications/

    Minimum OS version: 10.6.6

    Copyright: (c) 2011, AquaMinds Software Corporation