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September 13, 2011
January 9, 2013

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Paranormal Studio is a software application designed to assist paranormal investigators throughout the entire investigation process. Many features are built in to not only effectively manage an investigation but also to efficiently perform evidence review. Upon conclusion of your investigation, it can automatically generate a nicely formatted HTML report based upon your information and evidence clips including photos, audio, video and supporting documentation.

One of the greatest benefits of this software is the ability to log all evidence, notes and other supporting information into one main time line. This way you can see what happened and when in a easy to navigate birds-eye-view.

The software allows an investigator or investigative team to load all of their evidence into the system. This is not limited to just audio and video tracks, but other data as well, such as photos, EMF readings, temperature readings and more. All of these items can be lined up within the investigation timeline for quick and easy cross referencing.

Many pieces of information can be entered and retained in the investigation, including the investigators present, baseline readings, weather information and more.

Paranormal Studio also includes features to increase efficiency when reviewing evidence data. Hot keys allow you to quick pause, rewind 5 or 10 seconds and insert a bookmark, all with a simple press of key. Bookmarks can be inserted any time you may run across a potential piece of evidence, allowing you the ability to quickly go back and review these clips. When a bookmark is created, you have the ability to provide a description for that bookmark, as well as specify the time frame to clip for the bookmark.

After concluding the review process of your investigation, Paranormal Studio will automatically generate a nicely formatted HTML report based off of your bookmarks and other investigation data. Audio and video bookmarks are automatically clipped based off of your specified start and stop time frame. Photos can also be embedded into the report itself. The report can then be automatically burned to a CD or DVD to give to your client.

Please note that the software is not and audio editor, other than the clips that are created in the software.

What's New
Application now sandboxed.
Support for connection to a Paranormal Studio Team Server.
Added 'Getting Started' menu for an easier, guided start.
Minor bug fixes

Paranormal Studio (com.paranormalworkshop.paranormal-studio) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

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