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April 5, 2011
January 9, 2013

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Password Manager is a fully featured, strongly encrypted application for storing those logon and password details that we all seem to need in the online world.

The features provided by Password Manager are:

Strong encryption using Apple's Cryptography functions.

Elimination of all communication software from the application to ensure there is no risk of password details being sent over an internet connection.

There are no "hooks" of any sort between Password Manager and any other application. This means that there is no risk of another program compromising the security of the passwords protected by Password Manager.

Security features to automatically or manually hide password details with an optional requirement to enter the Master Password before redisplaying the password details.

A dictionary of password phrases that can be randomly assembled into over 12 billion different passwords. These passwords can either be used unaltered as a new password for one of your sites. Alternative you can modify the suggested password to make it even more unique.

The ability to create multiple password files.

Copy and Paste functions that will copy a URL, User-Id or Password to the system clipboard for pasting into a browser or other application that needs user-id and password details.

An Import options using a comma delimited text file to add passwords into Password Manager.

An Export option to create a comma delimited text file of passwords maintained by Password Manager.

A two way search function that will show password details for sites beginning with the entered characters or containing those characters.

The ultimate in eye-candy: a security feature that will hide all password details shown on a Password Manager screen and replace them with your favorite image!

A simple and elegant screen display of passwords managed by Password Manager.

What's New
Based on feedback from our users (thank you) the following new features and improvements have been added to Password Manager:
  • A new preference has been provided that will automatically hide the Password Panel when the system enters a sleep state.
  • Once hidden, either automatically or by a manual hide, two new new preference are available that will require the entry of the Master Password before the Password Panel will be shown again.
  • The Import function has been rewritten to streamline the importing of passwords from a comma delimited file. The import function will now support UTF-8 encoded files.

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    Minimum OS version: 10.6

    Bundle Information: Password Manager 1.1.1. Copyright (c) 2011 Colin Everitt.

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