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April 4, 2011
January 9, 2013

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  • This app does not integrate with iCal

    A place to store a list of all your reminders. Each entry can have a date and time assigned to it when the application will display the entry to you. When this happens you can acknowledge the reminder or select snooze and be reminded of it again few minutes later.

    Reminders are displayed with perpetual ones first (that is, reminders which do not have dates/times assigned to them) followed by once-only, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reminders (sorted by due date). Reminders that have passed are shown with a red dot next to them.

    You can filter reminders by their remind state using the filter pop-up menu bottom right of the application window.

    Reminder states consist of:

  • None (or off) - No reminder alert will occur. Use this for reminders that you don't particularly need a date/time to complete by.
  • Once only - The reminder alert will occur on a specific date and the time. It will not be repeated.
  • Hourly - The reminder alert will occur 'x' minutes past each hour.
  • Daily - The reminder alert can occur on any day of the week at a given time.
  • Weekly - The reminder alert will occur every week from the day (e.g. 16th) specified.
  • Monthly - The reminder alert will occur every month on the day (e.g. 22nd) specified.
  • Yearly - The reminder alert will occur every year on the day and month specified.

    When reminder alerts are shown, they are displayed in a dialog window as a list (see screenshot below). So, a number of reminders that might occur at the same time (or thereabouts) are displayed together. The same applies for any reminder that passes while the alert window is still open. They will be added to the alert window if it is open.

    You can choose to have a sound played when a reminder alert occurs (by selecting a built-in sound from the Preferences dialog), or to have the reminder spoken out to you.

    You acknowledge reminders by clicking the 'Ok' button. This will close the alert window. If you''re busy and don't want to deal with the reminder alert, you can click 'Snooze' and the alert will re-appear after the number of minutes specified.

    For convenience the application can be run automatically when your Mac starts. When you run the application it resides in your menu bar.

    The app is designed to remind you only when the Mac is awake, contrary to the review below this is not a bug.

    Please note: Issues posted to the reviews cannot be addressed. If a problem should arise with the application please use our support email.

  • What's New
  • Times can be displayed in 24 hour format

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    Operating System: Mac

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    Minimum OS version: 10.4.4

    Copyright: 2012 Jonathan Clark