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February 20, 2012
January 9, 2013

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Point and click to create a report of any kind. Use Report Writer to compose routine documents much faster and better than ever before. Every aspect of Report Writer is fully editable to create the document, text, file, article, deed, manuscript, paper, record, or report that suits your needs.

By clicking on appropriate comment fields (check boxes), Report Writer compiles pre-written blocks of text into one cohesive document. Each pre-written block of text (comment) can come in six unique varieties. Each tab (screen) corresponds to a new paragraph in the final document.

Begin by filling Report Writer's database with custom text that suits your needs. Then, move from tab to tab and click on the appropriate comments to build your document. With up to six unique varieties of every comment to choose from, it is easy to write a custom report that is specific, comprehensive, and targeted to your needs. The final document is saved as an MS Word (.doc) file and can be emailed, saved, or printed.

The first and last paragraphs are optional free-write paragraphs where you have the ability to customize the report by manually typing any text you choose. The last tab provides a place for your custom signature, which will appear at the bottom of your report.

Countless professions require reports and paperwork to be written and filed on a routine basis. These reports often follow a standard template, with very similar wording, and only the content that varies from one situation to the next. Inspectors, law enforcement officers, technicians, evaluators, doctors, lawyers, managers, consultants, teachers, and many other business professionals spend countless hours manually typing reports. With Report Writer, a customized report can be created by simply clicking on appropriate check boxes.

Additional Features:

1. Import file and project lists.
2. Access files from a simple drop-down menu.
3. Export your custom comment database for editing, sharing, and archival
4. Import your custom comment database from a simple .csv file (Excel or Pages).
5. Use the same comment database for Report Writer Mac and Report Writer iPad.
4. Edit all tab, column, and comment labels.
5. Add additional comments to any column on any tab.
6. Print reports directly from the "List" screen.

Example of Use:
A building inspector must inspect a residential home and generate a report for his clients. The inspector edits Report Writer's seven interior tabs to read as follows: Roofing, Structure, Plumbing, Electrical, Appliances, Foundation, and Recommendations. The inspector then modifies the comments on each page for the various issues he may encounter. On the "Roof" tab, for example, he may label one comment "Roof Covering." He will then choose between the six versions of that comment to insert the text "The roof is covered with 3-tab fiberglass shingles." His next comment may be labeled "Roof Condition," and he may choose between the six varieties of that comment to insert the text "The roof covering is quite old with missing shingles, potential leaks, and several prior tar patches." The inspector will then move through the remaining tabs and select comments that appropriately describe the condition of the residence. When he has finished his inspection, he presses "Save / New" and Report Writer compiles the comments he has selected into one comprehensive report (MS Word .doc). The comments he has chosen on each tab are placed in separate paragraphs, and any text he has manually typed on the "Opening Free Write" and "Closing Free Write" tabs will appear as the opening and closing paragraphs of the report respectively. The inspector can then either email, export, save, or print the report.

What's New
  • Text Scrolling
  • General stability and performance enhancements.

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