(Please note that if you are using OS X Mountain Lion you can get Smultron 5 instead with many new features.)

"Smultron is a capable, inexpensive, and easy-to-use text editor"


Smultron is what your text needs. It is a text editor for the rest of us which is both easy to use and elegant but still very powerful. With it you can easily write and edit unformatted text.

Nowadays we want access to and to be able change our information from all our devices all the time without any hassle. And with Smultron 4 you can do that. You can for instance start work on some text on your iPad at home, polish it at work on your Mac and check it one last time on your iPhone on the go. You can now get Smultron for your iPhone and iPad and share documents over iCloud.

  • You can quickly write short or long pieces of text
  • You can quickly edit a web page, to-do list, script, novel or any kind of text
  • You have all your open documents easily accessible
  • You can store your documents on iCloud and access them on all your Macs and iPhones and iPads with Smultron for iOS
  • You can easily find what you are looking for in many different documents
  • Smultron does not complicate things and you can directly start to write or edit text
  • For the more advanced users Smultron is a fully featured text editor with syntax coloring for over 90 languages, regular expressions, commands, snippets, line numbers and many, many more features

    Major changes in version 4:
  • Easier and more elegant
  • A new more flexible and improved way of handling your open documents
  • Resume – Smultron will reopen right were you last left off
  • Auto save – you don't need to think about saving any more, Smultron will take care of that for you
  • Versions – you can easily look at previous versions of your text and also restore to any earlier version
  • Easier to find what you are looking for in documents
  • Improved full screen experience
  • Faster

  • What's New
  • Addresses a possible issue where it could become unresponsive when moving a document to iCloud
  • Better handling of a possible issue if the default font has been turned off or removed from the system
  • Added Scheme syntax definition
  • Added CUDA syntax definition (with help from Daniel Salles Chevitarese)
  • Some small improvements to various syntax definitions
  • Some other small fixes

  • Smultron 4 (com.peterborgapps.smultron4) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

    Operating System: Mac

    Default Install Path: /Applications/Smultron

    Minimum OS version: 10.7.2

    Bundle Information: 4.1.1, Copyright (c) 2004-2012 Peter Borg Apps AB

    Copyright: Copyright (c) 2004-2012 Peter Borg Apps AB