Snappy enables you to capture a screen area and automatically pins it above all windows, always on top, always visible. You can think of it as a visual memory you want to keep around. And just like a memory, you can share it. (by short URL, E-mail, Facebook, Pinterest - and soon on Twitter and Flickr)

  • "Snappy for Mac is a the most innovative screenshot app you'll find" -
  • "On the Mac App Store there are many apps that can capture screenshots of your screen, but nobody seems to do its job as SnappyApp." -
  • "SnappyApp: an original screenshot utility" -
  • "This is one of those apps you never new you needed until you use it." - users on twitter
  • "This is great if you need to remember something or if you are trying to compare things" -
  • "Among the many applications that are useful to take a picture of a portion of the screen, SnappyPpp is distinguished by simplicity and original traits." -

  • Snap & Pin! -
    Need to remember something from Window A so you can use it in Window B? Snap and remember.
    Designers, you can pin images or colors, or use it to compare visuals. Snap to compare.
    Developers, you can pin code, layout areas, documentation or tasks. Snap for reference.

  • Share! -
    Simply right click the snap and select how you want to share it. (via short URL, E-mail, Facebook and Pinterest) 

  • Organize! -
    Snappy features an screenshot organized that will help you keep track of all snaps along.

  • How?
    Snappy is accessible via ⇧⌘2 (Shift-Cmd-2). When the crosshair appears, just select the screen area you want to snap. That's it!

  • Watching a video? Found a scene you like? Pause, snap, share.
  • Chatting with someone and want to share or save a dialog? Snap, save/share.
  • Renting an apartment? Hard to make a shortlist and decide? Snap, compare, decide.

    Version 1.2. will bring even more sharing options: Twitter, Flickr - and new features as well.

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  • What's New
    The Facebook integration has been updated

    SnappyApp (ro.nextwave.snappy) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

    Operating System: Mac

    Default Install Path: /Applications/

    Minimum OS version: 10.6

    Copyright: Copyright (c) 2012 Nextwave SRL. All rights reserved.