"I can't recommend it enough." - Ben Brooks

"Lives up to its hype."


"Incredibly Impressive."

Beautiful Pixels

Ulysses III is a brand-new writers' environment from the Soulmen - the fine folks that brought you Daedalus Touch for iPad.

It's built around a revolutionary engine, dubbed "plain text enhanced", which combines the very best parts of minimal markup (i.e. Markdown, Textile) with the power, beauty and simplicity of OS X.

As a single-library app, Ulysses holds all your texts in just one window. No "Open", no "Save", no Finder safari. Full iCloud integration lets you access *everything* from all your Macs.

If you own Daedalus Touch (available on the App Store as a universal app for iPad and iPhone), Ulysses III can even sync your writings across all your devices. Start on the bus, continue at home, finish mid-flight. Export to RTF, PDF, TXT or HTML.

Ulysses III is flexible, adaptive, and built to grow. Use it as a sophisticated notepad, create your next couple of novels, or continuously feed your blog. Keep everything neatly organized, or mess around at will.


Beefed-up, minimalistic three-pane interface
  • Sources › Groups & Filters › Sheets › Editor
  • Select across sources
  • Select multiple groups & filters
  • Edit multiple sheets as one
  • Export and statistics from every part of the library
  • Full keyboard navigation
  • Simply beautiful

    Most advanced text editor on the planet
  • "Plain Text Enhanced"
  • Links, Lists, Quotes & Footnotes
  • Comments, Code, Keywords & Annotations
  • Drag'n'drop of images and videos
  • Preview of images and videos
  • Text structure navigation
  • Bookmarks & Favorites
  • Multiple text statistics
  • Functional markup cheat sheet
  • Dark, light, pure and paged writing modes
  • Several hand-picked color schemes
  • Export to PDF, Word, RTF, TXT, Markdown and HTML
  • Copy as PDF, HTML, RTF and Plain Text
  • Paste from HTML, Markdown and RTF
  • Inspiring typography

    OS Integration
  • Full iCloud Sync
  • Versions
  • Full Screen
  • Spelling and Grammar
  • Text Substitutions
  • Dictionary
  • Speech
  • Spotlight Search
  • Enhanced for Retina
  • A true fit

    External Sources
  • Import and edit text files from anywhere on disk
  • Share files via Dropbox
  • Preview in

    Inside jokes
  • Support for umlauts (ä, ü, ö)
  • Apostrophes and dashes
  • Auto-Capitalization when holding the Shift key
  • Line breaks and spaces
  • Left-to-right writing direction
  • Simple launch via double-click

  • What's New
    The "Update all, if you update one"-Update

    IMPORTANT: If you're using iCloud sync, we strongly urge you to update all installations on all your Macs to 1.0.3, or else we can't sleep at night. Seriously, we will sit awake or wander the fields and can't do any future development, because we can't concentrate. Don't let this happen.

    Update now, and here's why:

  • Switched to standard Markdown image syntax (as opposed to MMD)
  • Added "Description" field for images (becomes ALT attribute in HTML)
  • Fixed indentations when exporting code to plain text
  • Fixed new lines at the beginning of HTML code blocks
  • Fixed wrong export of UTF-8 line breaks in Markdown code blocks (don't ask)
  • Fixed the creation of .txt files in External Sources (we thought you wouldn't notice)
  • Fixed the import of sheets with user-defined markup
  • Added support for the upcoming Ulysses III exporter in Ulysses 2 (U2toU3.ulysex)
  • Improved application stability

  • Ulysses (com.soulmen.ulysses3) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

    Operating System: Mac

    Minimum OS version: 10.7.3

    Copyright: Copyright (c) 2013 The Soulmen. All rights reserved.