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June 10, 2012
January 9, 2013

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Tadam - simple Pomodoro timer that stays out of your way and lets you get the work done.

  • Simple
    Few buttons, few features and no configuration. The simpler the better for your productivity.

  • At your fingertips
    Tadam lives in the status bar, so it's always just a click away.

  • Out of the way
    Glance at the icon and you already have a sense of how much time is left. Pretty cool.

  • Just a minute... *

    You know that feeling when you're really focused on something, the timer rings and you need just one or two more minutes to finish that little thing?

    In Tadam, when the time runs out, it doesn't immediately ring. Instead, the app icon starts pulsing, so you know you need to hurry up.

    You can do nothing and after two minutes you'll be prompted to take a break...
    ... or you can click on the icon and take a break at once (or give yourself more time)

  • Give me a break! *

    Your body needs rest to stay focused.
    That's why taking breaks regularly is essential to Pomodoro.

    Tadam makes sure you do.

    When the timer rings, a big black window pops out, prompting you to take a break.
    You cannot ignore it. You can either take a break or choose to work a little more.

    You can move it - you're still the boss - but it will move back in a few seconds.
    It's designed to be annoying enough that you will take the breaks you're supposed to.

  • It's just four bucks, give it a try! *

  • What's New
  • Tadam icon now blinks when the timer is paused (so that you don't forget to resume it)
  • Easily make Tadam launch when you log in to your Mac
  • You can set a hotkey to take a peek at how much time is left without touching the mouse
  • lots of small improvements and bug fixes under the hood

  • Tadam (com.radexp.tadam) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com.