TextSoap effortlessly cleans up text from endlessly different formats.

Clean text, word documents, email, web pages, and more, Wash away unwanted characters, spaces, tabs. Fix paragraphs with hard returns at the end of each line, extra spaces, extra tabs and more. And do it while retaining the fonts, styles, colors of the text.

Need more? TextSoap also can find and change the style of text. Or find a style and change the underlying text. Take control of that text. And TextSoap can automate it all down to just a one click action.

Remove the drudgery out of manually finding and replacing text, cursoring around and fixing typical formatting issues. The Universal Menu option even lets you do it all without leaving your favorite app.

TextSoap offers a powerful SCRUB cleaner to handle the most common formatting errors, or choose from 100+ built-in cleaners. Need more? Create a virtually unlimited number of custom solutions using 40+ different text actions. Easy enough for more casual users, TextSoap also provides the power and flexibility for serious text users.


  • Universal Menu provides access to TextSoap features in the your favorite apps.
  • Batch file cleaning easily processes a whole collection of text files.
  • Create custom solutions to meet specific text handling needs.
  • Organize cleaners into groups for easy access to the cleaners you use when they're needed.
  • OS X Lion enhancements add support for Autosave, Versions, and Fullscreen.


  • Regex lab shows you regular expression matches as you type.
  • Conditional actions simplifies working with a smaller subset of entire text.
  • Advanced attribute options finds and changes text and font attributes.

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  • What's New

  • Fixed: Improved compatibility with OS X 10.8.2.
  • Fixed: Launching TextSoap by dropping document on app icon could cause clipboard workspace cleaners not to display.

    Reminder: If you have improvements you would like to see in the app, please contact us directly via our support link.

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    Default Install Path: /Applications/

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    Minimum OS version: 10.6.6

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