Tutorials for Microsoft Office - for Absolute Beginners!

Learn the basics for running Office in 25 video tutorials with more than 4 hours of material!

First edition includes tutorials for Excel. More videos coming soon in updates.

Video Trainer for Office is the best way to learn how to use Office productively. Learn basic tasks like creating and using formulas, using built in functions, formatting text and data, creating charts, and importing/exporting with Excel. Note that this app is designed for MS Office beginners. If you aren expert this app is not for you, but if you are beginner with Office/Excel then this app will help you learn how to use Excel productively. Impress your boss or improve your job prospects by learning how to work with this vital office tool. Examples are simple and made to be easy to understand. Videos cover using Excel in a step-by-step fashion. Build on your knowledge by doing one tutorial in a day, and before the month is over you will be very comfortable working with spreadsheets in Excel.


Video Topics Include:

  • Entering and formatting text and data
  • Creating basic spreadsheets
  • Creating Pie Charts from data
  • Basic sorting of data
  • Formatting properties of pie charts
  • Creating Tables
  • Writing simple formulas in Excel
  • Importing text and CSV files
  • Creating and using Pivot Tables
  • Using Built-in Excel Functions
  • The IF Statement
  • Data Validation
  • VLookup and HLookup
  • Using Tables and Filters
  • Copying a fixed cell value
  • Copying relative formulas
  • Copying vertically and horizontally
  • Practice with math formulas and graphing
  • Creating bar charts
  • Creating scatter and line plots
  • Including error bars in your plots
  • Adding trend lines to plots
  • Manually selecting ranges of cells
  • Locking cells for copy/paste
  • Creating a multiplication table
  • Date and time manipulation
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Subtotals
  • Horizontal Sorting
  • Using Count, CountA, and CountBlank

    Plus more to come in future updates: more Excel tutorials, Word tutorials, and power point tutorials. Updates will be free with no in-app purchase.

  • Simple video player interface
  • View in app window or full screen mode
  • Simple examples easy to follow for beginners
  • Play videos full screen

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