Enjoy the most played game in the history of computer.

What's the rule?
You start with an empty field and have to uncover squares one at a time. Underneath each is either a space, a number, or a mine. The numbers tell you how many mines are in the adjacent boxes, the mines kill you dead. To win, you have to clear the field without touching a mine.

How to control
Mouse left click to open a tile, right click to flag a mine. (If you use a one button mouse or the trackpad, use Command(⌘)-click or Control(^)-click instead of right click.) Left click on a number to quickly open all surrounding tiles if the number matches surrounding flags.

  • Easy to control (With mouse or trackpad)
  • First tap luck
  • Classic sound effect
  • Local and global leader board
  • Game center support
  • 3 classic board size + customizable board (up to 60x32, 999 mines)
  • Build in minesweeper help tutorial

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    Operating System: Mac

    Default Install Path: /Applications/Minesweeper

    Minimum OS version: 10.6