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April 25, 2014
February 21, 2016

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Hop behind the wheels of some of the most impressive American Trucks that you've ever dared to fancy yourself master driving and help with the building of some spectacular constructions in key locations all over USA. Put together your passion for the most skills-demanding truck games and for the most challenging parking games available for IOS, as you prepare to deliver concrete, pipes and other construction materials to specific sites, playing a high-quality 3d car game!

Whether in Austin, in cosmopolitan New York or in exuberant Las Vegas, you'll surely enjoy the fancy truck rides, the extreme driving tests to take and the truck parking challenges that only the most skillful, the most precise truck drivers can respond to! Where do you add that it's also one of those super popular truck games that reward you with the chance of upgrading your massive vehicle which each mission that you complete!

Once you get informed about the very first task to carry out, getting all the needed materials to the construction site of a future residency home in Austin, Texas, and about the game controls, once you get to take a close look at the heavy dump truck that you'll be "taming" and controlling once there, on the track, it's time to take your role as a professional truck driver really seriously. If you think that this is just another one of those dull 3D truck parking games that encourage you to get lazy, then you're wrong! There will be plenty of nasty curves to challenge your truck driving skills with, plenty of rocks and big piles of sand along the marked track that you might bump into if you accidentally get off the track. Keep an eye on the road and learn to master drive your truck clicking on the onscreen paddle for accelerating, for using your truck's brakes or reversing, and on the wheel that you have there for turning left or right. Now the second major challenge that you'll need to face will be to park your massive vehicle into the marked parking lots whenever you need to stop for getting it loaded with construction materials or when you reach your your destination. Truck parking games are always fun to play, but when you blend 3d racing games with parking adventures, it sure is a super complex and fun car game that you get, one game that will get you hooked at once.

Keep in mind, after each mission that you've successfully completed, to buy all kinds of cool upgrades for your giant truck. It sure is the feature that helps the best free truck driving games set themselves apart from... all the rest of them! Your lorry will then get "trucks-formed" from a dumper truck into a... spectacular pick-up truck, then into an intimidating big wheeler truck. Also, your responsibilities, as a truck driver, will get more "overwhelming"! In New York you'll be in charge of delivering a heavy load of materials needed at an office building construction site, whereas in extravagant Las Vegas you'll be master driving your heavy big wheeler and skillfully park it whenever needed, playing your precise role in building a new shopping mall. Make sure you take the time to enjoy the scenery as well! Get the construction materials to those sites in record time, showing off your experience as a 3D truck parking games player, and fulfill all your other quests to get bonus points and win all the 30 levels. Use the bonus points and cash to upgrade your pick-up trucks and work your way up to the ultimate American Truck.

Upgrade the game plot story and the addictive game-play with cool characters popping up on your screen to inform you, speaking with those accents specific to the three different locations in USA, about your future missions, with eye-catching 3D graphics, as well, and with the feature of "trucks-forming" your vehicle, and you'll get what seems to be one of the future best-rated truck games for iOS in 2014!

Test your parking skills as you take on racing challenges, proving you are top notch when it comes to 3D racing games!

What's New
Fixed problems existing with Test Drive
Other minor fixes and optimisations.

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