Divers' Diary, the customized interface solution for ICON HD net ready Puck, Nemo Wide, Nemo Air, Nemo Excel and Matrix dive computers. Adds some interesting features that you are going to appreciate.

After downloading dives onto the Mac, Divers' Diary offers the possibility of viewing, analyzing and archiving the dive and temperature profiles, gas consumption and ascent speed on the Mac, thus creating a "live" logbook that allows you to look up and revel in the memories of past dives.

Link your saved dives to dive site maps, underwater photos or portraits of your buddies. You'll be surprised at what a breeze that is! You can also enter comments, dive site ratings or information about the equipment you've used. And there is the brand-new possibility of linking your dive to a satellite image of the respective dive site.

Divers' Diary also lets you edit your ICE (in case of emergency) information on your ICON and Matrix.

Other features of Divers' Diary:
  • list your dive information including tank details, dive spot, buddies and equipment;
  • view your dive profile for depth, temperature, gas consumption, NDL, CNS and ascent speed in a graphic profile
  • Import landmarks in the KMZ or KML format
  • Import/Export dives in UDDF and UDCF format

    We also introduce iDiversDiary, the new App (
    for iPhone which allows you to recreate the logbook from the Mac onto your portable device. The only requirement is, in addition to a Mac with Divers' Diary installed, to have a wi-fi connection for the transfer between devices.

  • What's New
  • Adaption to Mountain Lion
  • Improvements for Retina Display
  • Introducing the Puck Pro and Nemo Wide 2
  • The size of the stored pictures will be reduced. This increase the performance and the sync with iDD is now faster.
  • Improved geodata support to locate dive spot
  • Minor bug fixes


  • DiversDiary (de.frobese.diversdiary) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

    Operating System: Mac

    Default Install Path: /Applications/

    Minimum OS version: 10.6