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May 10, 2012
January 9, 2013

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"This is a fantastic game. If you like Sudoku, you're going to love this. I highly recommend it!"
  • RayTheVideoGuy


    Lite Version Features:

    ❖ In-game Tutorial
    ❖ Save/Load up to 5 Games in progress
    ❖ Auto save games every minute
    ❖ Pause screen feature
    ❖ More pleasing Number fonts and colours
    ❖ Unlimited Easy puzzles
    ❖ Restart current game
    ❖ Start new Easy game
    ❖ Navigate with Mouse and/or Keyboard
    ❖ Rotate, Pan, Turn, Zoom game grid
    ❖ Toggle Layers On/Off any time
    ❖ Enter Custom Notes on any cell
    ❖ Auto-Notes (optional display)
    ❖ Easily Toggle all note display On/Off
    ❖ Error Notification (optional display)
    ❖ Game timer (with Pause and Resume)
    ❖ Toggle between Fullscreen view and Windowed mode
    ❖ Help (Game Instructions, Screen Shots, Tips and Tricks, Video Tutorials)
    ❖ Upgrade to Pro version with Unlimited puzzles and three challenge levels
    ❖ More game offers
    ❖ Rate game
    ❖ Quit game

    Real Sudoku3D breaks through the barriers of conventional 2D and 3D Sudoku games, and creates a truly realistic 3D Sudoku experience. Regular Sudoku is played on a 9 by 9 grid. Real Sudoku3D uses 9 layers of 9 by 9 grids.

    All the layers follow standard Sudoku rules, whether viewed as Faces (from front to back), Levels (from top to bottom), or Slices (from left to right).

    he Real Sudoku3D interface lets you dive right in and see the game from any perspective. Toggle layers on and off at will. Turn and move the game around, zoom in and out, or fly straight through! When gliding through the cubes you feel like you can touch and play with the three dimensional numbers within the cubes, providing a true multi-dimensional gaming experience.

    Flexibility is one of the greatest features of this 3D Sudoku game. You can select a cube to enter your choice of number, or make notes on which numbers remain possible. Hide or display the notes during any point in the game. Need some help? There is also a built in error-checking function which can be turned on and off with the click of a button. If you need additional support, visit the Help page on our site for step-by-step instructions as well as Sudoku solving strategies and helpful tips.

    Optionally use Auto Notes for effortlessly seeing possible choices, and strategically customize your notes from there.

  • What's New
    v1.0.5.3 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed selectability issue affecting certain Cube positions
  • Fixed game timer bug

    v1.0.5.2 Bug Fixes
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Game Timer was incrementing Hours every 6 minutes
  • Product Pro/Lite naming issues
  • UpSell dialog product name now only includes Pro, not Lite
  • Prevented change of Lite product name to Pro when attempting to select Medium or Hard game
  • Fixed Shortcuts window resizing issues
  • When the timer is hidden
  • When the settings menu is open

    v1.0.5.0 In-Game Tutorial

  • Added in-game tutorial feature
  • Added new feature identifiers to manage build types
  • Added Save/Load Game feature:
  • Populate and resume game with loaded game
  • Limit to 5 saved games
  • Auto save games every minute
  • Revised Save/Load game code:
  • Validated filenames
  • Added robustness
  • Added Pause screen feature
  • Changed Number font to Marker Felt (friendlier, more fun)
  • Tightened Note number display (too spread out, confusing before)
  • Muted Number colours (too bright before)
  • Bug fix: Deselected cubes no longer allow Number entry

    v1.0.4.0 Facebook and Twitter integration

  • Facebook and Twitter integration
  • Track features used at least once during the game for reporting results (Auto Notes, Error Detection)
  • New You Win screen with graphics, game results report and share buttons
  • Automated post generators for Facebook and Twitter (via clipboard)
  • Clipboard copy/paste integration
  • Enabled interaction with completed game while timer stopped and further number entry disabled

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