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November 17, 2011
January 9, 2013

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Note: Hotkeys before next major update: Cmd+Q - Quit, Cmd+F - Fullscreen/window mode

Try the game with a simplified version of the game UFO: Hotseat only with one weapon and game versus bots.

UFO: Hotseat it is turn-based strategy. It's gameplay is very similar to X-Com, Incubation and Jagged Alliance. But in all that games you always missed someting. And all that you missed it's certanly MULTIPLAYER! In UFO: Hotseat game one can crush down enemy squad by using own tactical abilities, various weapons and items, armour and covers. There are 3 modes in the game: player vs AI, hotseat multiplayer and network multiplayer.

Game key features:
  • Multiplayer with ranking system. Play with other players and win! You'll like it!
  • Play aginst AI for traning.
  • You can use one device to play with friend in hotseat mode. Invite your friend and decide who is more skilled player.
  • Beautiful 3D graphics
  • 4 verious weapons(AK-47, RPG-32, HK USP Compact 45ACP, Mossberg 500 Cruiser), item (adrenaline) and armour(light)
  • 4 various levels

    You participate in our game developement by bying our game. Just come to our site http://www.ufo-hotseat.com and suggest new features you like.

    We plan to implement in upcoming releases:
  • MORE weapons and MORE items!
  • MORE levels!
  • More smart AI
  • Game interface improvements
  • More options, such as: select race, build own unique squad, equip and train soldiers, soldiers abilities
  • You will be able to develop own base
  • And... something very-very special and interesting! But it's a big SECRET for now.

  • What's New
  • minor bug fixes
  • prepare for migrate to full version

  • UFO Hotseat Lite (com.hippogames.ufohotseatlitex) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com.

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