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February 1, 2016
February 2, 2016

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What's New

AudioMate 2.2.6(build 139)02/02/2016

  • NEW Added Portuguese (pt) localization (thanks to @vitu!)

AudioMate 2.2.5(build 135)01/30/2016

  • FIXED Fixed a security vulnerability involving the Sparkle Updater (VulnSec.)

AudioMate 2.2.4(build 130)01/29/2016

  • FIXED Fixed high CPU load on dual monitor setups.

AudioMate 2.2.3(build 122)06/03/2015

  • ENHANCED Using default system fonts in menu bar.
  • FIXED Fixed a condition that would cause the app to quit unexpectedly after a device was removed.

AudioMate 2.2.2(build 107)03/26/2015

  • NEW Updated default status bar icon to be monochrome
  • FIXED Fixed that information to show on status bar set to none was not persisted upon relaunch

AudioMate 2.2.1(build 100)03/14/2015

  • ENHANCED Disabled popover transparency in OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)
  • FIXED Fixed volume control drawing in highlighted state in OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)

AudioMate 2.2(build 91)03/07/2015

  • ENHANCED Reduced memory usage and app size
  • ENHANCED Improved Russian localization
  • NEW Removed dependency on Growl
  • NEW Updated copyright, web/social links, and internal namespace to reference 9Labs
  • IMPORTANT AudioMate now requires OS X 10.8 or later
  • IMPORTANT This update must be downloaded manually from

AudioMate 2.1.4(build 74)12/20/2014

  • FIXED Fixed a a crash when an aggregate or multi-output audio device in a transitory state returned a null device name

AudioMate 2.1.3(build 72)12/03/2014

  • NEW Updated appcast URL

AudioMate 2.1.2(build 71)10/29/2014

  • FIXED Restored OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) support

AudioMate 2.1(build 65)10/27/2014

  • NEW Added OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) support

AudioMate 2.0.6(build 47)09/06/2014

  • FIXED Fixed high CPU load on app startup

AudioMate 2.0.5(build 44)08/10/2014

  • NEW Added Russian (ru) localization (thanks to @BasicXP!)
  • ENHANCED More improvements in Japanese (ja) localization (@shaolin405mi16)

AudioMate 2.0.4(build 23)07/29/2014

  • ENHANCED Improved Japanese (ja) localization (thanks to @shaolin405mi16!)
  • FIXED Fixed broken Login at Startup when sandbox is on

AudioMate 2.0.3(build 23)07/28/2014

  • NEW Added Korean (ko) localization (thanks to @sople1!)

AudioMate 2.0.2(build 7)07/26/2014

  • FIXED Fixed that the status bar was not being correctly updated in "Sample rate + Master Volume" mode

AudioMate 2.0.1(build 5)07/26/2014

  • FIXED Fixed a crash in OS X 10.7

AudioMate 2.0(build 1)07/26/2014

AudioMate 1.4.3(build 395)07/08/2014

  • MISC Enabled application sandbox
  • MISC Updated Sparkle framework

AudioMate 1.4.2(build 384)07/06/2014

  • FIXED Fixed broken Start at Login functionality

AudioMate 1.4.1(build 382)06/26/2014

  • FIXED Fixed play feedback sound setting not being honored
  • FIXED Other minor bug fixes

AudioMate 1.4(build 376)05/04/2014

  • NEW Added "Match system's default audio output device" item to device information to show on status bar list per popular request

AudioMate 1.3.5(build 374)03/28/2014

  • FIXED Fixed that popup window could be closed while preferences sheet was still open

AudioMate 1.3(build 353)01/22/2014

  • NEW Device actions. Automatically change the volume, sample rate, or clock source to a desired value when a device is connected
  • NEW Preferences is now displayed as a popover's sheet
  • NEW Play feedback sound when changing master output volume (user-definable setting)
  • NEW System notifications can now be enabled or disabled individually
  • NEW Added Spanish, Simplified Chinese (简体中文), Traditional Chinese (繁體中文), and Japanese (日本語) localizations
  • NEW Greatly improved Keyboard Accessibility throughout the app's user interface
  • FIXED Miscellaneous bug fixes

AudioMate 1.2.7(build 285)01/10/2014

  • NEW On first launch, the system's device used for sound output is automatically set as the device to show in the status bar
  • NEW The application can move itself to the Applications folder if it is launched from a different location (i.e., a disk volume)

AudioMate 1.2.6(build 281)01/06/2014

  • FIXED Fixed a condition that prevented the clock source to be correctly displayed on the status bar

AudioMate 1.2.5(build 273)12/29/2013

  • ENHANCED The status bar appearance (either aqua blue or graphite) is now user-definable

AudioMate 1.2.4(build 265)12/16/2013

  • FIXED Fixed an incompatibility problem with virtual audio drivers such as the one installed by Wondershare AllMyMusic

AudioMate 1.2.3(build 258)12/14/2013

  • NEW AudioMate now allows changing and displaying volumes from input-only devices (max. 2 inputs) such as microphones, line, or instrument inputs
  • FIXED System notifications for added/removed devices are no longer displayed when system notifications are disabled

AudioMate 1.2.2(build 250)12/13/2013

  • FIXED Fixed a problem with Gatekeeper preventing the application from launching
  • ENHANCED Minor enhancement in volume controls

AudioMate 1.2.1(build 240)12/08/2013

  • FIXED Display "Muted" in status bar when volume graphic or volume as a percentage is selected and audio is muted

AudioMate 1.2(build 237)12/06/2013

  • NEW Updated app icon
  • NEW Added master output volume control
  • NEW Added master output volume and mute state notifications
  • ENHANCED Status bar information can simultaneously display the sample rate together with: 1) the master output volume (in 3 different formats: dB, percentage, and graphical) or 2) the clock source of the selected audio device

AudioMate 1.1.403/15/2013

  • FIXED Adding missing retina resolution artwork

AudioMate 1.1.303/05/2013

  • FIXED Fixed crash upon launch when an audio device does not report latency

AudioMate 1.1.203/04/2013

  • NEW Adding support for setting the audio device's clock source

AudioMate 1.1.103/02/2013

  • NEW Minor cosmetic enhancements

AudioMate 1.102/27/2013

  • NEW Display audio device input and output channel layout
  • NEW Display audio device input and output latency
  • NEW Allow changing the default input, output, and system output device

AudioMate 1.0.201/07/2013

  • NEW Adding support for Aggregate devices and Multi-Output devices
  • FIXED Audio device names are now correctly updated when a device is renamed

AudioMate 1.0.112/29/2012

  • FIXED Restore previously active application after closing the welcome window

AudioMate 1.012/27/2012

  • Initial release
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AudioMate (io.9labs.audiomate) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is AudioMate 139. The most popular version of this application used by our users is AudioMate 107.

Operating System: Mac

Minimum OS version: 10.8

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