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Automaton is four tools in one program, each of which is indispensable. It includes AutoNotes, AutoClips, AutoTyper and AutoFiler. These four tools are also available separately.

AutoTyper is a classic typing saver application. It can replace what you've typed into any other application with some different text and/or images. There is support for dates, times, plain text, rich text, cursor positioning, images, and more. Save keystrokes by making abbreviations for common text. Spice up your emails or documents with signatures, pictures, logos, smilies, etc that are expanded from a simple keyword. Expand entire form letters from abbreviations. Correct common spelling errors. Programmers can make code templates. Advanced users can generate the expansion using Apple Script or a shell script. Variables can be substituted into templates at expansion time with the user filling in the blanks. Dates and other tokens can be inserted into expansions. The cursor can be moved in the resulting expansion. Expansions can be limited to particular applications. Hotkeys can be set up to quickly create new abbreviations. Supports import of TextExpander files.

AutoFiler uses a simple rule interface, similar to Apple Mail to organize your files for you in the background. Filter on name, type, date, tags and Spotlight attributes. Move or copy files, set color labels, import into iTunes or iPhoto, archive and backup, and more. Rename or sort files with powerful naming rules. Let AutoFiler work silently in the background while you get some real work done. AutoFiler can also manage your Trash, emptying it according to your own rules, and it can even clean up after deleted applications by discarding the support files. Advanced users can extend the functionality by calling Applescript, shell scripts or Automator workflows. AutoFiler supports OpenMeta tagging and Growl.

AutoClips records a history of the items you have cut and copied to the Mac Pasteboard, You can get back older items organised chronologically, or by application, or by Spaces workspace. Get them back either with a hotkey popup window, or from a status bar menu. You can also create your own permanent lists of commonly used clips.

AutoNotes is notepad unlike any other. You can activate it with a hotkey, and automatically save notes into your "repository", for lightning fast quick notes. Your documents are all linked together like a wiki for fast navigating between pages. You can add tags to group your documents. But best of all, the "repository" is just a plain folder of text and RTF files. So you're not tied down to any proprietary file formats, and you can open existing folders of documents already linked like a Wiki with no work on your part! Then if you want, export your entire repository as a web site. A fast and powerful way of brainstorming, making knowledge databases, or simply jotting down quick notes. You can think of AutoNotes as a quick editor, or your own personal wiki, or a way of organising your life and your thoughts!

What's New
Lion initialisation fix

Automaton ( is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Automaton 50. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Automaton 9.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/

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