AVI Converter is the fast and easy-using converter tool.With lots of codec built in, it can convert AVI files to MOV,MPEG,MP4,ASF,FLV,SWF,RM,MP3,AIFF,FLAC format,besides,it also allows you to extract audio file AVI video and convert to AIFF,FLAC,MP3 format.

Features: output formats including MOV,MPEG,MP4,ASF,FLV,SWF,RM,MP3,AIFF,FLAC

2.Extract audio from AVI video to aiff,mp3 and flac format

3.Preview the AVI video frame by frame

4.Convert AVI video by specified video size,frame rate and quality.

5.Cancel the current conversion if consuming time is too long

6.Fast conversion - save your time

7.Excellent digital quality

Step by step operation:
1.Click "Select AVI Video" to load source video

2.Preview the video frame by frame in "AVI Preview",drag the slide and click"Pick Start Time" and "Pick End Time" to set start time and end time.

3.Set the video size.You can keep the size in accordance with input file or
select common size,or manually enter the size(width x height).

4.Set the frame rate.You can keep the frame rate in accordance with input file or select common rate,or manually enter the rate.

5.After all settings is finished,click"Create and Save" to specify the output filename with location and start converting.

6.You can click "Cancel Converting" to stop the current conversion.

AVI Converter (com.mob.108) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/AVI

Minimum OS version: 10.6