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August 12, 2011
January 9, 2013

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Useful calculator that besides the usual converting functions (Temperature, Pressure, Speed etc.) handles currency-convertion. A Log-window allows to see operations as they are performed.
  • Double display in conversion mode: it shows both the entity converting from and the entity converting to (screen-shot 1 and 2).
  • Updating EURO- and USD-based x-rates from the Net (see below).
  • Auto Decimals-Management for particular currencies.
  • Delta variation in currency calculation.
  • Saving and printing functions available when Log-window is visible.

    The following functions are NOT supported: MC, M+, M-, MR.

    The first screen-shot shows Calculus performing converting operations with the Log-window visible: at the bottom of the operation, the converted USD result too can be seen, along with the Delta variation.
    The third screen-shot shows at one glance the rates of all the currencies that have been added. The look and feel of the interface had been modified in the Preferences, where all colors are available.

    X-Rates are taken from ECB (European Central Bank) and they are available for free to everybody (i.e.: one has not to buy Calculus to get them). Besides, their advise is NOT to make use of their rates for business purposes since rates are updated once a day only. Screen-shot 4 shows the currencies that can be updated automatically (WEB pane in the Preferences); other currencies will have to be entered manually (see Calculus Help).

  • What's New
    Adding currencies from the Preferences->WEB pane the application sometimes would crash.

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