Add Text, Logos, Maps and QR-Codes to your photos, resize and rename - in bulk!

Built like a drawing app, watermarker PRO allows you to quickly add text, logos, maps and QR-Codes to your photos in mere seconds. Drop a bunch of images into the tray, position and set up the watermarks, hit go - easy as that.

watermark pro can simultaneously add complex watermarks, convert to a different file type, resize and rename your photos in a single pass.

Sporting more high-end features than you can shake your mouse at, watermark pro is still simple to use. All watermarks can be individually configured.

Watermarks general features
  • intuitive object-oriented editor with advanced features and smart alignment help
  • add as many watermarks (text, logo, map, QRCode) as you like
  • all watermarks (text, logos, maps, QRCodes) can be positioned anywhere, freely resized and rotated
  • all watermarks support transparency, shadow, and blend modes

    Text Watermark
  • Auto-resize for easy editing
  • Any font, color, style, background color
  • smart text support (see below)

    Logo Watermark
  • Use any image as a logo
  • automatic crop modes

    QRCode Watermark
  • Up to 4000 characters, self configuring
  • Instant updates

    Map Watermark
  • automatically loads location from GPS data embedded in photos
  • visually displays direction camera was facing )when heading information is available)
  • manual and Mac-location supported (requires access to location services enabled)
  • Note: Currently uses non-Apple Map Services until Apple's OSX Map services become available with a later OSX version

    Line Art
  • choose from 6 standard pre-sets to place line art over your images

    Smart Text
    Text, QRCode and Export can access meta data. Add time stamps or other dynamic information (e.g. Aperture, Modification Date, Lens or Camera) to your photos

    Export Module
  • Use file naming rules to simultaneously watermark, resize and rename your photos
  • highly flexible file name scheme that can access EXIF and other metadata
  • convert to file formats: JPG, JPG2000, PNG, PDF, PSD, BMP, GIF, TIF
  • resize using the following units: percent, pixel, inch, cm
  • can create single multi-page PDF

    Please note that larger batches require an in-App purchase to permanently enable that functionality.

  • What's New

    cf/x watermark PRO

    Version 1.6.5: Major update

    This update is recommended to all users

    31. October 2015

    New Features

    - Ability to edit 'Copyright' and 'Author' tags (IPTC, TIFF, PNG)

    Other Changes

    - Improved compatibility with OSX 10.11 El Capitan

    - 16 bit images are marked as such in the tray

    - improved EXIF support

    Bugs fixed

    - illegal characters in a file name rule are handled more gracefully

    - using comma ',' in text now again possible

    - numerous interface quirks removed

    - destination folder is checked before saving, so it it disappeared or was renamed WMP won't crash

    - complete reworked underlying framework, memory management improved dramatically

    cf/x watermark PRO

    Version 1.5.0: Maintenance update

    This update is recommended to all users

    31. October 2014

    New Features

    - objects now 'snap' to others while repositioning

    - direct export to iPhoto

    Other Changes

    - reinstated 'Save As…' menu

    Bugs fixed

    - dpi settings for destination will now be used correctly

    - text objects now always correctly process the comma (',')

    - improved compatibility with OSX 10.10 Yosemite

    cf/x watermark PRO

    Version 1.4.1: maintenance update

    This update is recommended to all users

    20. March 2014

    New Features

    - new ability to save 16-bit sources as 16-bit watermarked images (available after purchase only)

    - Finally: 'Save As...' has returned!

    - Duplicate Watermark command to quickly copy an existing watermark


    - Welcome screen can again be disabled

    - TIFF images now use lossless compression

    Bugs Fixed

    - 100% CPU on idle removed

    - Memory leak removed. Processing 10'000 files should no longer exhaust your Mac's memory

    - Watermark objects can no longer collapse to zero size

    cf/x watermark PRO

    Version 1.2.2: maintenance update

    This update is recommended to all users

    05. November 2013


    - numerous OS 10.9 'Mavericks' compatibility issues fixed

    - performance enhancements for loading images (unlimited Tray only) 

    cf/x watermark PRO

    Version 1.2.1: maintenance update

    This update is recommended to all users

    25. October 2013


    - Compatibility with 10.9 for Mac location

    - Fixed Metadata issue with day of month

    - Correctly calculated Longitude and Latitude for southern and western hemispheres

    Version 1.2.0: maintenance update

    This update is recommended to all users

    22. August 2013


    - Work-around for OSX bug in the font manager that prevented some users from changing a text watermark

    - fix for retina-display enabled Macs (sorry, no retina level quality just yet)

    Version 1.1.0: maintenance update

    This update is recommended to all users

    05. August 2013


    - redesigned watermark controllers to work around an animation bug that prevented individual controls to show up on some Macs

    - Removed most animations to work around two major 10.8 Core Animation bugs

    - Redesigned photo load process to work around a background processing bug in 10.8 

    - added a cute document icon. For those of you who save .watermark documents.

    Please Note:

    Under rare conditions (which we can't reproduce) adding a watermark will not add a controller to the stack. Please contact us if this happens to you so we track down that annoying issue.

    Version 1.0.1: Initial Release

    02. August 2013

    initial release, on par with MAS version

    watermark PRO (com.cfx.watermark) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is watermark PRO 1.6.5. The most popular version of this application used by our users is watermark PRO 1.7.1.

    Operating System: Mac

    Minimum OS version: 10.7

    Copyright: Copyright (c) 2013 - 2015 cf/x AG. All rights reserved.