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ATTENTION!!! Due to Apple certificates signing changes last February 14, 2016, you need to download directly the update from my seense website. The useful security feature of the updater will, in this case, block the install of the update.

Just select Free Trial to get the update.
Sorry for this inconvenience.


version 2.2 Summer 2016 Release
  • [New][CPU module] Multi Cores displayed. Physical, Logical...

  • [New] VoiceOver, First third party System Monitor with full VO implemented.

  • [New][Net module] Add "bits" metric to the network module.

  • [New][Disk module] Optional Disk Activity Graph.

  • [New][Disk module] Disk Activity per disk.

  • [New][Disk module] Disk Activity by Data or I/O.

  • [New][CPU module] Only for old MacBook models with dual GPU Integrated / Discrete. You can now get information about the current type of card used, and be notified when switching.

  • [New][Net module] Proper traffic display for values above TB/s.

  • [Bug][CPU module] The "Top 5 processes" display option, from the CPU was not saved properly.

  • [Bug][Battery module] MacBook without battery was crashing MBS.

  • [Bug][Net module] Very rare case of special network interface would crash MBS.

  • [Bug] Few other small bugs fixed and few improvement.

version 2.1 Chromatic & Graph Release
  • NB: If you have issue with the auto-updater, use the following link https://seense.com/menubarstats/updateapp/mbs.zip.

  • [New] Define Global Shortcuts for all system utilities managed by MenuBar Stats.

  • [New][All Modules] New menu bar gauge type : Graph.

  • [New][Disk Module] Read/Write activity indicators.

  • [New][Disk Module/Net Module] 3 types of indicators available (Arrows, Dot, Square).

  • [New][Net Module] Arrows indicator can be now Achromatic or Colored.

  • [New][Net Module] Gauge type Graph available. with 3 styles (Centered, Opposed, Stack)

  • [New][Net Module] windowGraph available with the 3 styles.

  • [New][CPU Module] Notifications for processes which are stuck. Duration and %CPU threshold can be defined.

  • [New][CPU Module] Top 5. %CPU or Average CPU Time

  • [Improvement][Net Module]Sometime the DNS could not be discovered properly.

  • [Improvement] Some stability improvement.

  • [Bug][Disk Module] TB format was wrong.

  • [Bug] Window could sometime not be placed at the right position between launch.

version 2.0.1 Maintenance Release
  • [Bug] Net Module: Correct bug while missing network could cause instability.

  • [Bug] Net Module: Add 1 decimal value for thoughput between [1Mbps - 100Mbps].

  • [New] Net Module: Add menu to access Wireless Diagnostics.

  • [Bug] CPU Module: Correct bug while in rare cases a crash could occur.

  • [Bug] Battery Module: In rare case of custom battery setup, a crash could occur.

  • [Bug] Disk Module: Correct rounding inconsitency between window bytes value and menu bar bytes value.

  • [Bug] Visual bug in Preferences Panel where the view was not properly redrawn.

  • [Improvement] Some Capital letters were missing in the German translation.

  • [Bug] In Dock mode, the first time the window could end up below the Dock.

  • [Bug] Visual bug with scroll bar while using the option Always display.

  • [Bug] Open at login was not properly launching.

  • [Bug] If a module is Off, the settings and notification preferences panel now show proper message.

  • [Improvement] Module ordering could be buggy while in scroll mode.

version 2.0
  • The beta is now over. This version is the final version sent to Apple, and available on seense Store.

  • [New] 3 types of gauge have been added for the menu bar. Bar, Circular, Pie chart.

  • [New] Net Module, option to consider as no traffic throughput below 1KB/s.

  • [New] German localization has been added.

  • [Bug] Minor bugs fixed.

version 2.0 GM
  • This should be the last beta before sending MenuBar Stats to Apple for review. So if you have feedbacks, please contact me. support@seense.com

  • [New] Option to remove the module name in the menu bar.

  • [New] Option to remove the gauge in the menu bar.

  • [New] Option to display the Memory new style or traditional.

  • [New] Select your disk to be displayed in the menu bar.

  • [New] Network Module, extras information while in separated mode.

  • [New] Network Module, right click on the label and copy the information.

  • [New] Notification for low Free memory or high memory pressure.

  • [New] Automatic memory clean when notification triggered.

  • [New] Notification for low disk space available.

  • [New] French localization done. Ready for more if you want (contact me).

  • [Bug] Text in the menu bar was sometime not properly visible.

  • [Bug] Memory clean bug fixed.

  • [Bug] Other minor bugs fixed.

  • [NB] Extra external plugin for Fans, Temperature and Bluetooh battery devices will be available this month.

  • [NB] Personalize keyboard shorcuts for all the system apps present in the menu and option to separate the CPU Cores, will be implemented in 2.1 after submission in the app store.

version 2.0 Beta2
  • Small upgrade compare to beta1, the big one will come at the end of week 41.

  • [Bug] Fix bug related to Memory App calculation

  • [Improvement] Forgot to include the updater in the Beta 1. Now fix

  • [Improvement] Now the update are done over https for more security

  • [NB] The new version of Barsoom, make possible to rearrange the icons while in separated mode.

  • [NB] Not yet implemented in Beta2:
    -Disk selection for the values displayed. In this beta the values are average of all your disks.
    -Personalize keyboard shorcuts for all the system apps present in the menu.

version 2.0 Beta1
  • Dear MenuBar Stats valued customers,
    Thanks for your trust, feedback and support all those years. I hope, this long waited very new version will meet and go beyond your expectations.
    I suggest you to have a look on the video provided.

    Fabrice Leyne

  • [New] The Brand new version of MenuBar Stats. 100% new code, 100% new graphics, more features. Rebuilt for Yosemite and El Capitan! to prepare for the future.

  • [New] New App Icon, to reflect the redesign to make MenuBar Stats 100% plugins architecture based. You will be able to write your own plugins.

  • [New] MenuBar Stats 2 come with 5 basic plugins or modules. Cpu, Memory, Network, Battery, Disk.

  • [New] Each modules can be in 1 combined window (as in version 1), or in their own separated window.

  • [New] While in their own window, modules can display extanded information.

  • [New] While in combined mode, all the menu bar icons are in 1 master item. The icons can be re-arrange by drag and drop. Press the shift key while dragging.

  • [New] While in combined mode, all the modules can be rearranged simply by regular drag and drop.

  • [New] While in combined mode, all the menu bar icons can be turn-off, If all the menu items are off, MenuBar Stats Icon will be visible for you to access the combined window.

  • [New] Yosemite, El Capitan transparency are available.

  • [New] Graphs for CPU and MEM modules are available, with ~ 4 min history.

  • [New] CPU and MEM modules display the top 5 processes while in separated mode.

  • [New] In the Disk module, you can eject the volumes/disks and by right click Reveal in Finder.

  • [New] The MEM module use the new Memory wording. So Inactive, Active and so on, are not available anymore.

  • [New] New Memory Clean module based on the new macOS constraints.

  • [New] And more to discover...

  • [NB] As this version is 100% new, the preferences from version 1 cannot be ported. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  • [NB] The coming new version of Barsoom, will make possible to rearrange the icons while in separated mode.

  • [NB] Not yet implemented in Beta1:
    -Disk selection for the values displayed. In this beta the values are average of all your disks.
    -Personalize keyboard shorcuts for all the system apps present in the menu.

MenuBar Stats (com.fabriceleyne.menubarstats) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is MenuBar Stats 20160702. The most popular version of this application used by our users is MenuBar Stats 1.1.0.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/MenuBar Stats.app

Minimum OS version: 10.7

Copyright: Copyright (c) 2013 Fabrice Leyne. All rights reserved.