FTPortal is an application that expedites uploading files to specific directories of one or more FTP servers. This is accomplished by creating and configuring multiple copies of the app. Then you upload files by dropping them onto the main window or application icon in the Finder or Dock.

  • Preferences

    Click the "Preferences" button in the main window to specify the FTP server address (IP address, network name or domain name) and the username and password for the FTP account to be associated with this copy of FTPortal.

    FTPortal supports multiple FTP servers and directories, one for each separate copy of the app.

  • Specifying Directories

    The directory FTPortal uploads files into is determined by either the "Folder" text field in the Preferences window OR the name of the app.

    When the app name begins with (or is) "FTPortal" then the directory is determined by the entry in the "Folder" text field of the Preferences window. If this entry is empty, the "root" folder is used.

    If the app name begins with anything other than "FTPortal" then it is assumed the app name is matching the folder name. For example, an FTPortal application named "Documents/Images" will upload files into the folder at path "/Documents/Images"

  • Directory Listing

    Click the "Directory Listing" button in the main window to see a list of files in the configured directory displayed in the console log. You could use this feature to check that your files were uploaded okay.

  • Console logging

    Each FTPortal logs errors to its own console log. These files are located in the Logs folder of the FTPortal folder of the Limit Point Software folder of your Application Support folder, and can be viewed with the "Console" application in your Utilities folder.

    Every FTPortal application you create will be associated with a console log. You can view the console log by selecting "Console Log" from the File menu.

  • Portal Management

    The "Show All Portals..." File menu command displays the console log and lists all currently configured portals.

    You can clear all the current portal settings using the "Clear All Portals..." File menu command. You should either re-configure your FTPortal copies, or delete them.

  • Using the built-in Mac OS X FTP server

    FTPortal works well with the built-in FTP server of the Mac.

    If you want to upload to a Mac using FTP then you can address it using the machine's local network name, such as "Gizmo.local" as shown in the accompanying screenshots. The username and password is the same as that of the Mac OS X user account.

    Pathnames to directories on an Mac OS X FTP server are specified relative to the Home directory. So, to associate an FTPortal app with the Music directory of your Home folder, you would configure it with a pathname "/Music" (don't forget the forward slash.)

  • FTPortal (com.limit-point.ftportal) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

    Operating System: Mac

    Default Install Path: /Applications/

    Minimum OS version: 10.4.4

    Bundle Information: 1.0.9, Copyright (c) 2006-2011 Limit Point Software

    Copyright: 1.0.9, Copyright (c) 2006-2011 Limit Point Software