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March 18, 2011
January 9, 2013

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Do you want to sync your data without sharing it with everybody else?

I believe that data syncing software should be as simple as it is possible. Existing data syncing applications are wrong. They are too complex to manage, to setup and to run. They have to many controls, to many settings and they require too many attention. I JUST want to sync my data and make it available at any device that I use, anywhere.

I do not want to share my private data with someone else while I'm syncing it. I don't like the idea to use a public available cloud storage to sync my private data.

iSynchronize is a unique simple solution for syncing all kinds of data from any kind of application. It syncs your files and folders based on their content, modification dates and their paths in the system. We do not use any cloud services for syncing your data. We require you to create your personal account for your safety and security because we are encrypting all your data during the sync operations.

We are keeping only your name, email address, encrypted password, your client names and login dates on our accounts server.

How does it work?

If you need to sync data between all your Macs all you need to do is to install the same application on all your Macs. After installing and launching the application it will finds its neighbors in the local network and will start syncing session automatically.

You can add any folders and the application will syncing them. If you modify any of your synced files, the application will share your changes automatically between all available Macs. At any time you can remove any folders from sync queue and the application will stop syncing them. Automatically.

Because of the sandbox security feature support the folders for the sync operations should be selected on every client. Nonactive folders will show up in the Sync window with special greyed icon and text. Once you have added this nonactive folder on a client it contents will be synced across other available clients.

It syncs your files and folder only over the local network. We are not using cloud storage for syncing your data! No data is leaving your local network during the sync.

If your network connection will go down, application will hold unsynced items in it's database and it will continue syncing when network connection will be repaired. Automatically.

There are no limitations on the files and folders sizes. But keep in mind that it takes a long time to index all your huge files and it will take much more time to transfer all your data over the network.

This software works on Mac OS X Lion and OS X Mountain Lion systems. It does not support any mobile phones or other operation systems.

What's New
  • Security fixes and improvements
  • Memory usage improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

  • iSynchronize (com.smartapps.isynchronize) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Aploader.

    Operating System: Mac

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    Minimum OS version: 10.6