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October 5, 2011
January 9, 2013

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The purpose of OneWaySync is to safely create mirrors of folders in a simple and quick way.

This tool will sync in only one way, this means the source directory will not be changed and only the destination directory will be affected.
By switching off the option "Delete on Destination" you can keep all files backed up even if it no longer exist on the source directory.
You can also choose whether or not to copy the hidden files and directories.

Key features:
▪Create backups (mirrors) of 10 preconfigured folders.
▪Only copy the changes.
▪Option to delete files on the destination that no longer exist on the source folder.
▪Option to copy hidden files and directories.
▪Option to start copying as soon as the tool is executed. (useful for creating schedules to run this tool from iCal for example).
▪Option to write on log files all the operations perform during the synchronizations.
▪Safely cancel synchronization at any time.
▪Mix 2 or more folders by setting the same destination on different slots and turning OFF "Delete on Destination".
▪Perform multiple synchronizations simultaneously.
▪Follow folders in case the name or location has changed.

  • When should I use the option to copy hidden files?
    ⁃If you want an exact duplicate you should copy the hidden files. (for example creating a duplicate of iPhoto's Library).
    ⁃This option should be OFF when synchronizing folders from repositories such as SVN.
  • Should I always use the option "Delete on Destination" ?
    ⁃No. For very large backups it is recommended to switch it OFF, and possibly turn it ON once a month to clean older files.
    ⁃Also if you want to mix folders this should be OFF.
  • Where are the log files?
    ⁃Log files are only created if you have the "Write Log" option checked. The files are located at "~/Documents/OneWaySync Logs".
  • Is it safe to cancel an ongoing synchronization?
    ⁃Yes. You can cancel at any time. The operation will only terminate after the current file.
    ⁃Quitting the application will immediately stop all processes. This may cause files to be incomplete on the destination folder. All files will be completed on the next synchronization.
  • Will the window's close button cancel the synchronization?
    ⁃No. It is always safe to close the window. The application will only quit if there are no ongoing synchronizations.

  • What's New
    ▪ Improved the validation of errors during the synchronization.
    ▪ The "check" will turn red in case there were any errors during the operation.
    ▪ Clicking the "check" after the synchronization is complete will open the log file.
    ▪ Other fixes on the log files.

    OneWaySync (com.oktoid.onewaysync) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

    Operating System: Mac

    Minimum OS version: 10.6