[Important note: Although the app store version is limited, the website version is fully 10.8 compatible and also capable of scanning internal disks. If you purchase the App Store version, the website version will be automatically registered and you can use that to scan and recover any disk under 10.8 or any other version]

Photo Recovery Guru is a tool that allows you to recover deleted and lost photos and movies from your digital camera, mobile phone, disk, or other device type.

It works to recover files that have been accidentally deleted, memory cards that have become corrupted, and even memory cards that have been reformatted.

It is well integrated with Mac OS X and will present you the list of your deleted files in an interface that is very similar that the Mac OS X Finder presents your regular files in, complete with thumbnail previews.

It is completely risk-free. It opens your device in read-only mode and will never write to it, and therefore if you have some critical data that you want to recover you can rest assured that the data will remain safely in the same state as when you started.

Some features:
⁃ Easy to use
⁃ Enhanced for Lion
⁃ Media rich and intuitive interface
⁃ Tolerant of physically faulty media
⁃ Content-based scanning to be filesystem independent
⁃ Search either for solely erased files, or for any file present on the device
⁃ Media type independent. Works on any device you can plug in to your computer that acts as a disk
⁃ Works on SSD drives
⁃ Enhanced Digital Camera support, including implementation of professional file formats
⁃ Enhanced Android phone support
⁃ Enhanced USB Key Drive support
⁃ Enhanced CD/DVD support
⁃ The most robust and consistent results you can get
⁃ Guaranteed results

Works with the following file formats:
3GPP video file (Extension: .3gp)
mp4 video (Extension: .mp4)
QuickTime Media (Extension: .mov)
m4v video (Extension: .m4v)
GoPro Hero2 (Extension: .mp4)
3GPP2 video file (Extension: .3g2)
Kodak (Extension: .DCR)
AIFF sound (Extension: .aiff)
ASF movie (Extension: .asf)
Nikon (Extension: .NEF)
Canon CRW (Extension: .CRW)
TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) (Extension: .tiff)
MIDI sound (Extension: .mid)
Fuji (Extension: .RAF)
Olympus (Extension: .ORF)
AVI (Audio Video Interleaved) movie (Extension: .avi)
WMV video (Extension: .wmv)
Canon CR2 (Extension: .CR2)
mpeg media (Extension: .mpeg)
JPEG (Extension: .jpg)
Digital Video & iMovie Movies (Extension: .dv)
WAV sound (Extension: .wav)
WMA audio (Extension: .wma)

Photo Recovery Guru (com.macosxfilerecovery.photorecoveryguru) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/Photo Recovery

Minimum OS version: 10.6

Copyright: (c)2011