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January 14, 2011
January 9, 2013

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Quota monitors your Local Network usage, Mobile, ISP Usage, Banks, Stocks, Currency, Traffic Cameras, Australian BOM and International Weather and RSS News reader.

On special limited time!

The only App on the store to offer :-

  • Over 200,000 iPhone/iPad existing users
  • Setup background notification to your mobile via Growl
  • Providers can be added/updated without a new App being released
  • Dropbox sync to all Quota clients on iPhone, iPad, iPod
  • Local Network monitoring with monthly reset
  • 100's of community providers available (ftp.southfreo.com)
  • Detailed History graphs for every provider
  • Australian Weather from the BOM (+ International)
  • Including all 200+ BOM Radar Loops
  • Community provider add even more functionality
  • Free developers kit to create your own provider
  • Highest security standards of any App
  • Variable startup pin support (Hard to guess)
  • All parameters stored securely (not just password)
  • Only connects to provider via SSL never a 3rd party

  • Providers *

    aaNet, AAPT, Adam ISP, Amnet,Bigpond, Comcen/Spin, Dodo, Exetel ADSL, Exetel HSPA,Highway 1, iiNet, Internode, iPrimus, MyNetPhone, Netspace ISP, Optus Broadband, Peoples Telecom, TPG Broadbandm, Velocity Internet, Westnet

  • AUS Mobile
    3 Mobile, 3 Prepay, Crazy John's,Optus Postpay, Optus Prepay, Optus Home, Pennytel, Telstra Billing, Telstra Postpay/iPad sim, Telstra Prepay, TPG Mobile, PAYG, Virgin Postpay, Virgin Prepay, Vodafone Broadband, Vodafone DataOnly, Vodafone Postpay, Vodafone Prepay, Live Connected, iiNet Mobile

    All iPad Micro-Sims

  • ALL News
    Community Providers, Google Reader, Any RSS Feed

  • ALL Statistics
    Google AdSense, Google Analytics, Twitter, DropBox, Stocks/Portfolio Management, Currency Exchange

  • ALL Weather
    Google Weather
    NOAA Weather

  • AUS Bank
    Bankwest, CBA (Balance only), NAB, PayPal

  • AUS Leisure
    FlyBuys, Tatts Lotto

  • AUS Traffic
    NSW Traffic Cams, QLD Traffic Cams, VIC Traffic Cams, WA Traffic Cams, Ski Cams

  • AUS Travel
    NSW myE-TolL, NSW Roam, NSW Roam Express, QANTAS FF, QLD Go Card, QLD Go via, Velocity Rewards, VIC Breeze, VIC CityLink, VIC Myki, WA Smartrider

  • AUS Weather
    AWAP Project (Rain,Temp,Vapour,Solar,NDVI)
    Current Temp (Local forecast and temp)
    MSL Chart Loop (AKA Synoptic)
    National Radar (Satellite and Radar)
    State Radar Loop (200+ Radars)
    Live Wind Charts (Rain,Wind,Atmospheric etc)

  • Great Britain
    O2 Balance, Vodafone Prepay, Vodafone Postpay, London Traffic, Oyster Online

  • Ireland
    O2 Broadband, Vodafone Postpay

  • Italy
    Vodafone Fai Da Te

  • NewZealand
    Telstra Clear, Flybuys, Vodafone Account, Vodafone Broadband, Vodafone Prepay, NZ Traffic Cams

  • Canada
    Rogers Wireless, VideoTron, Traffic Cameras
    Over 50 additional providers via File/Load Update Pack canada.zip

    Don't see your provider? International Users?

    QuotaXML is an open standard which allows vendor to create their own provider. Download the free QuotaXML development kit and create your own provider. XML is 100% documented.

    You can now add/develop packs using your iPhone and community packs


    Please: Send an email to southfreo@me.com if your having issues setting up a provider

    Also check the support information on each provider located on the website.

  • Twitter (Live updates of XML update announcements)

  • What's New
  • Changes

    Dropbox synchronisation support across all versions (iPhone/iPad/OSX versions/Other) - See FAQ on website for instructions
    Crash fixes
    X now closes application
    Improved UI
    Data values shown with 2 decimal places in settings screen
    You can now control cache period for each provider via the settings page

  • Provider Updates

    iiNet updated - updated
    MyNetPhone - updated
    Westnet uses new usage meter (Westnet (Old) available for older accounts)
    Exetel ADSL/HSPA replaces Business should work for all accounts
    Telstra CustData improvements
    Added: OnTheNet
    Added: Virgin Broadband Prepay
    Added:Grapevine / AUS ISP

    AUS Mobile
    Vodafone (All) - updated
    Telstra Prepay - updated
    Crazy John Prepay/Postpay - Updated
    LiveConnected - uses new usage meter created for Quota, Not UtilBill, you will need to update your login details to liveconnected website.
    Optus Postpay (New) replaces social and updated
    Added: Amaysim

    AUS Traffic
    QLD Traffic cameras - updated
    NSW Traffic cameras - updated

    AUS Leisure
    Myer One - update
    Everyday rewards - display balance and fuel vouchers
    Cinebuzz - updated
    Added: Lotterywest - shows balance and games in play

    AUS News
    MacTalk updated

    AUS Travel
    WA Smartrider - updated
    Added: NSW Tollpay added
    Myki - updated

    NZL Mobile
    Added: NZ Telecom

  • Quota (com.kb.quotamac) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com.

    Operating System: Mac

    Default Install Path: /Applications/Quota.app