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January 12, 2011
January 9, 2013

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This Calculator allows you to type directly your calculation in the type box and copy and paste the result anywhere

Very Simple of use.

Examples of valid regular expressions:

"3+4" =7

"5*6" = 30

"4+(3.5*8)" = 32

"100/3" = 33.333333333

"sin(0.5)" = 0.479425538

"2.5^3" = 15.625

"cos(1/20)+sin(1/30)+cos(1/50)" = 2.031877428

"(1+2.2)*(3.1+6.6)" = 31.04

"(2*(3/(4+(5-3))))" = 1

"sqrt(2)" = 1.4142136

All standard operators are supported, as follows:

  • , -, *, /
    unary -
    ^ raise a number to the power of the other
    % modulus

    In addition, the following mathematical functions are supported:

    sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, log, log2, ln, exp, abs, sqrt, sinh, cosh, tanh, asinh, acosh, atanh,
    ceil, floor, round, trunc, rint, near, dtor, rtod

    Arguments to transcendental functions are in radians.
    dtor and rtod convert from degrees to radians and vice versa

    Expressions can contain parentheses to group subexpressions together, nested to any depth.
    Arguments to functions must be in parentheses. You can have as much extra whitespace in
    the expression as you want - it will all be ignored.

    log is the base 10 logarithm, ln is the natural (base e) logarithm. log2 is to base 2.
    exp is e to the power of the argument - to get the inverse of a base 10 log, simply
    use 10^x where x is the argument.

    All math is done in double precision floating point.

    If you want to see more functions added to the calculator just e-mail us.

  • What's New
    Fix name consistency of the App

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