What's New

The ultimate advance in Web browsing without an address bar


Improved reliability of behavior

  • Fixed an issue that pages with basic authentication could not be accessed on OS X El Capitan and macOS Sierra.
  • Fixed an issue that error pages did not appear when the Cancel button in basic authentication dialogue was clicked (This fixture is available only on macOS Sierra).
  • Fixed an issue that importing bookmarks & histories from other browsers did not work properly.
  • Fixed an issue that it was hard to close a tab if a mouse was in particular conditions.

As we want to deliver the best Sleipnir for the latest Mac, this release runs on OS X Mavericks (10.9) or later, and future releases will do on OS X Yosemite (10.10) or later. We hope the users to upgrade their OS shortly and keep enjoying the cutting-edge browser, Sleipnir!


Some issues are fixed

One of the issues is a security one. All users of earlier versions are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

  • [security issue] Malicious websites could modify address indicator to arbitrary ones. This vulnerability is now fixed. (CVE-2016-7831) (JVN#28151745)
  • Fixed an issue that Japanese version was running as an English version on macOS Sierra.
  • Fixed an issue that the app sometimes failed to launch for the first time on macOS Sierra.

As we want to deliver the best Sleipnir for the latest Mac, the next release will run on OS X Mavericks (10.9) or later, and future releases will do on OS X Yosemite (10.10) or later. We hope the users to upgrade their OS shortly and keep enjoying thecutting-edge browser, Sleipnir!


Reliability of behavior improved

  • Fixed a crash that happens randomly when window is inactive
  • Fixed an issue that user name and password don't get memorized
  • Fixed an issue that "Add all tabs for bookmark" menu is not selectable
  • Fixed an issue that JPEG is converted into PDF at Save To Cloud feature
  • Adjusted the layout of Download List


Reliability of behavior improved

  • Changed the minimum system requirement to Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
  • Addressed security vulnerabilities in Sparkle framework
  • Fixed crashes that happen randomly on OS X 10.11 El Capitan
  • Fixed an issue that thumbnail overlaps search bar
  • Fixed a crash that happens by opening a bookmark that is just sync-ed
  • Fixed an issue that SmartSearch is not selectable on OS X 10.11 El Capitan
  • Fixed a crash that is caused by selecting "Search Dictionary" command
  • Fixed an issue that causes log-in failure with various Web services in Fenrir Pass
  • Fixed an issue that Facebook posts are not displayed in Site Updates
  • Improved usability of search bar by activating it when creating a new tab
  • Fixed an issue that "Full screen display" menu is duplicated
  • Supports new domain names
  • Supports System Preferences > General > Appearance > Use dark menu bar and Dock
  • Improved localizations


Reliability of actions improved

  • Fixed an issue that you might have seen a crash report dialogue even if Sleipnir did not crash
  • Enhanced Site Updates so that you can find latest articles more stably
  • Improved stability of pinch-in action
  • Improved stability of go back/forward buttons
  • Modified layout and behaviors of the preference dialogue
  • Newly supported Simplified Chinese


You can find the tab you are looking for
without scrolling even if hundred tabs are opened

  • Tabs you can find without scrolling: you can find every tab by only hovering your cursor

Other modifications

  • Improved IP address decision
  • Fixed issue where downloaded images are saved without extension in some configurations
  • Improved behavior of retrieving recent articles in Site Updates


Deliver articles you will love
The new Site Updates, now more colorful and smarter

  • Whole new article selection rule delivers you plenty of frequent sites
  • Also shows you pages your friends on Twitter and Facebook talked about
  • Exclude sites you would not like to show: Can be done by clicking the button to the right of the site name
  • Changed the timing of Site Updates is shuffled: Fixed until you leave Sleipnir
  • Changed predefined websites: Previous Site Updates will be replaced
  • Colorful design that fits to the images of articles

Other modifications

  • Hugely improved performance of pull to go back
  • Fixed issue where go back happens unintentionally while scrolling
  • Smoother pinch-in while using trackpad
  • Show favicons in the bookmarks bar
  • Adjusted the design of tab close button to be more easily clickable
  • Stability and Reliability enhancements


Reliability of actions improved

  • Support added for OS X 10.9 Mavericks


Movements when opening and closing tabs improved

  • Movements when opening and closing tabs improved
  • Download links with Option-Click
  • Command-Click on back button to open in new tab
  • Reliability when importing from other browsers improved
  • Reliability of data improved
  • Display problem report on next start up if application crashes: Please help contribute with reports

  • Menu bar icon stability improved
  • Window sometimes stopping being displayed in Snow Leopard issue fixed


"Reserve" links on your iPhone to have them
open on your Mac at home

  • Open reserved page: Pages reserved on your setup iOS device are automatically opened using Wi-Fi
  • New menu bar icon: Even when Sleipnir is closed, you can receive delivered pages from your iOS device

Other modifications

  • Switch tabs with Command-Option-Left/Right Arrow Key
  • Not being able to go back/forwards using swiping on horizontally wide pages fixed
  • Empty pages supported
  • Site Updates optimized, and start-up speed improved
  • Display optimized, and scroll performance improved
  • Reliability of actions improved


Pull to go back gestures and reliability of actions improved

  • Pull to go back/forwards gestures improved
  • Gestures being executed when above tabs issue fixed
  • Reliability when moving folders in the bookmarks screen improved
  • Focus moving out of place unintentionally while browsing improved
  • Status bar display improved
  • How to use gestures guide display improved
  • Chinese localization improved

  • Touch gestures improved to not pull to go back unintentionally
  • Reliability of actions improved


Gestures that captivate you
the moment you touch

  • Pull to go back/forwards: Pull downwards from the top of the page or the Trackpad to go back
  • Swipe tab for new tab: Open a new tab by swiping from the far-right tab
  • Touch gesture guide: Only displayed to start with
  • Touch gesture accuracy
  • Actions when swiping through tabs consecuitively improved
  • Improved touch gesture actions in Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6)
  • New touch gesture preferences

Portal Field improved

  • Adjusted so that sites that are often open are prioritized
  • Reliability when opening local sites improved
  • Accuracy when binding by site improved
  • Speed of actions increased

Other modifications

  • Actions when adding bookmarks improved
  • Favicons added to recognize bookmarklets in one glance
  • Drag links into tabs to open
  • Timing for displaying close tab button improved
  • Support added for standard sharing in OS X Lion (10.8)
  • Not being able to go back to previous page in Facebook issue fixed
  • Name of file downloaded from Facebook sometimes not having the correct name fixed
  • Go back/forwards state not correctly switching in sites like Gmail fixed
  • CSS of GitHub not being loaded in certain environments fixed
  • "Undo" after closing tab causing application to crash fixed
  • Private browsing not working properly on certain sites fixed
  • Order being out of place when tabs are moving in TiledTab fixed
  • New tab icons not being displayed in empty Tab Groups in TiledTab fixed
  • Page searches closing unintentionally fixed
  • Bookmark screen display being out of place in certain environments fixed
  • Links opening from current page using Hold And Go too fixed
  • Actions when opening Basic authentication sites improved
  • Support added for HTTP Digest authentication
  • Port number also shown as address
  • Actions when closing sped up
  • Minimum size of window adjusted
  • Reliability of actions improved


Various actions such as bookmarks sync improved

  • Not being able to sync until bookmarks screen is open fixed
  • Reliability when dragging tabs improved
  • Actions when opening pages from other apps improved


Reliability of actions improved

  • Portal Field address judgement improved
  • Select previous save destination folder when saving page
  • Actions of links when using command-click improved
  • Reliability when opening international URL bookmarks improved
  • Tab bar action performance improved
  • Site Updates stability improved


Portal Field finds pages from typing
just 4 characters

  • Accuracy of list of suggestions improved: The sites you were thinking of are cleverly displayed
  • Important suggestestions highlighted: The most important suggestions are recommended to you
  • Accuracy of distinguishing addresses improved: Open addresses (URLs) by typing them into Portal Field

Other modifications

  • Import bookmarks from Firefox too
  • Show page title when Sleipnir is inactive
  • Save pages as image in PDF or PNG format
  • Automatic password inserting accuracy improved
  • Accuracy when opening links in new tabs improved
  • Close all tabs setting when closing Sleipnir added
  • Performance and stability improved


Portal Field function improved

  • Open anew with Command-Return even if candidate page is open
  • Open as address when www. or .com is entered
  • Actions when Portal Field is clicked improved
  • Display when inactive improved

Other modifications

  • Display when address are too long improved
  • Display of "Today's Tip" on small screens improved
  • Phone number links disabled when not logged into Fenrir Pass
  • SmartSearch actions improved
  • Bookmark sync reliability improved
  • Improved stability

  • Application crashing when trying to import when Chrome is syncing bookmarks fixed
  • Reliability when adding search services improved
  • Actions when tweeting Today's Tip improved


A beautiful and advanced design
perfected to the last pixel

  • Large, easy to view thumbnail tabs to understand page contents straight away
  • An amazingly slim toolbar that demonstrates the advanced design
  • The new and improved tab bar that you won't lose sight of no matter how many use or where you scroll to

The truly evolved "Portal Field" for finding pages you want to open in the shortest time possible

  • Portal Field for opening searches, bookmarks, previously view pages, addresses(URL)
  • Candidate list of pages you want to view in one go, grouped by site
  • Addresses pasted in are automatically opened as addresses

Other modifications

  • How to use Sleipnir introduced in "Today's Tip" day by day in the new tab page
  • Bookmarked tabs displayed with badges
  • Performance and stability dramatically increased

Sleipnir (jp.co.fenrir.sleipnir) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Sleipnir 4.5.5. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Sleipnir 3.6.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/Sleipnir.app

Minimum OS version: 10.6

Copyright: Copyright (c) 2011-2012 Fenrir Inc. All rights reserved.