Make big prints yourself with SplitPrint. SplitPrint lets you split big posters to multiple pages and print them using conventional printer. You can also export the split image to PDF (e.g. for splitting scanned documents for e-readers).

Not a photographer? No problem. New In-App purchase feature allows you to buy pictures you can print (or use elsewhere). Decorating your home has never been this easy.

What users are saying:

"I can't believe how user friendly it is"

"This is one of those apps that really adds a valuable new tool to computing, for work and fun"

"No more, no less. Perfect!"

"This app is amazing!"

SplitPrint has many advanced features including:
  • splitting multi-page PDF's (e.g. for splitting scanned books for iPad)
  • image tile overlapping
  • cutting aid lines
  • image location is user settable (drag on the image)
  • image size can be set in inches/millimeters (e.g for printing drawings in scale)
  • supports printers with borderless printing
  • exporting split-files to multiple formats
  • "unsplit" drawings split with another program
  • option to add non-printing margin between tiles.

    Still not sure if SplitPrint will do what you need? Write to and ask!

    SplitPrint gets the work done: print conference posters or small-business advertisments or print that big excel sheet so that it's still readable.

    SplitPrint offers fun at home and with kids: print birthday decorations, make invitation cards that combine to big picture, print large images for home decoration or print-and-paint with kids.

  • What's New
    Added Dutch localization

    SplitPrint (com.virkkuset.splitprint) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

    Operating System: Mac

    Default Install Path: /Applications/

    Minimum OS version: 10.7

    Copyright: (c)2010, Iikka Virkkunen