TokenLock - The ultimate Mac Locking App. Automatically Lock your computer if a USB or Bluetooth device is removed, with your Apple Remote, from the menu, by clicking the icon or using a Hotkey.

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Main Features:
Lock on USB Device removal.
Lock on Bluetooth Device disconnect.
Lock on Bluetooth device minimum signal strength (OSx Lion)
Lock with a hotkey.
Lock with your Apple IR Remote
Lock by clicking the TokenLock dock icon.
Lock by selecting Lock from status bar menu.
Unlock screen saver on return of USB Device
Unlock screen saver on return of BlueTooth Device
Unlock with your Apple IR Remote
Disable locking for a predefined amount of time.
Growl support for status messages.
Sleep Aware: When the computer sleeps, this causes USB disconnections. TokenLock is smart enough to realize this and avoids "Double locking" your computer when the USB device you choose has not re-initialized yet after sleep mode.
Security information area to help you understand security risks and options as you configure them.

USB Options:
Check device serial numbers for lock/unlock.
Active checking when starting up to make sure the device is present, otherwise lock the computer.
USB Grace period gives you time to quickly swap USB ports if necessary.
Relock will re-lock if someone manually unlocked your computer without inserting the USB device.

Bluetooth Options:
Different check interval for battery or AC modes.
Adjustable timeout for finding the bluetooth device.
Adjustable number of connection attempts.

General Options:
Stealth mode: Completely hide Tokenlock and it's Menu Bar icon.
Option to have TokenLock confirm locking when clicking the Dock Icon.

Run any App, Shell script or AppleScript when locking or unlocking.

Warning beep (adjustable volume) when Bluetooth device is not in range, before locking.
USB device insertion/removal sounds (adjustable volume)
Unlock/Lock chirps (adjustable volume)

USB: You can tell it to monitor almost any USB device, such as a hard token like YubiKey, a removable flash drive or any other USB device for that matter. Whenever the device is disconnected it will immediately lock your computer.

Bluetooth: Tokenlock can monitor any Bluetooth device to check if it is removed from range, such as your cellphone or a headset. Token lock checks periodically based on a schedule you choose to see if the Bluetooth device can still be seen. You can set different schedules based on whether or not your computer is plugged into power or is simply on battery to conserve battery power. The device does not have to be paired with your computer, allowing you to use just about any Bluetooth device - not just those that the computer supports.

In addition, you can easily lock your computer manually using the TokenLock menu. Tokenlock can be set to required a password to change settings or to quit the app, further securing your system.

What's New
Bugfix to support Macs with USB 3.0 ports

TokenLock (com.mappin.tokenlock) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is TokenLock 8795. The most popular version of this application used by our users is TokenLock 9101.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/

Minimum OS version: 10.6