What's New


18 October 2013
  • NEW Disallow installing TotalSpaces on Mavericks (because it won't work), use TotalSpaces2.
  • NEW Added Croatian translation.


10 August 2013
  • FIXED Circulation fixed for certain cases when using swipe to change space.


4 June 2013
  • IMPROVED There is less delay between spaces when chaining space switches together.
  • FIXED TotalSpaces no longer recognises swipes when the alt/option key is held down because some apps use this (eg Xcode, Chrome).
  • FIXED Pressing the overview grid shortcut several times quickly no longer results in a stuck image for the current space in the grid.
  • FIXED Fixed crash when accessing the overview grid under certain circumstances when full screen apps have changed.
  • IMPROVED Localisation additions and improvements.


3 May 2013
  • NEW There is now an option to have an animated zoom in and out of the overview grid if you are using Mountain Lion.
  • NEW Hold SHIFT down whilst hovering above a window in the overview grid to see a zoomed version of that window - handy to see which window is which.
  • NEW Space names are now shown in the overview grid.
  • NEW Added a hotcorner setting for activating the overview grid with exposé.
  • IMPROVED Rather than having a fixed setting, TotalSpaces now allows you to choose whether to drop a window in a new screen position or to keep it's original position by using the ALT(Option) key when dragging windows between desktops in the overview grid.
  • NEW And if you don't like the way it works, there's a new command line setting to change the default action when dragging windows in the grid: defaults write com.binaryage.TotalSpaces placeWindowsAsDroppedByDefault NO
  • NEW New setting to automatically check for updates in general preferences.
  • IMPROVED There is no longer a space-to-space transition when you leave the overview grid.
  • IMPROVED The space transitions now always match the direction you commanded even when circulating.
  • IMPROVED The hotcorner settings now apply to all corners in a multi screen setup, not just the furthest left or right ones.
  • FIXED Clicking on a dock folder tile to close a previously opened stack or grid no longer results in it immediately re-opening.
  • NEW New growl notification when you attempt to change desktop but are at the edge and cannot do so in the requested direction.
  • IMPROVED The icon size for full screen apps in the overview grid is now limited to stop them being too big when small grids are used.
  • FIXED You can now assign the letter A with a modifier key as a hotkey if you wish.
  • NEW TotalSpaces now supports access via an API. If you are a developer, you may be interested in this. Read more on github.
  • FIXED TotalSpaces no longer forces use of the discrete graphics on mid 2010 MacBook Pros running OSX 10.8.3.
  • FIXED TotalSpaces no longer allows triggering the overview grid from a hotcorner when a full screen game such as Starcraft is active.
  • NEW German, Turkish, Swedish, Czech translations. New translations, and fixes/corrections welcome - see here.
  • NOTEAdditional changes in 1.2.2 (vs 1.2.0):
  • FIXED Zoom and space transitions now work properly when MSWord is present on more than one space.
  • FIXED Apps preferences now work correctly when there are multiple spaces with the same name.


20 January 2013
  • FIXED Fixed an error in the licence registration code that caused it to work unreliably for a small number of users
  • FIXED Fixed an issue that prevented SizeUp users from moving windows to the left and right spaces on Mountain Lion


17 January 2013
  • NEW You can now assign hotkeys to each individual grid space in Layout preferences
  • NEW 4th and 5th mouse buttons are now supported for opening the overview grid
  • NEW New hotkey to go directly to expose mode in the overview grid without having to press space
  • FIXED When Dock restarts (sometimes on wake or with monitor change) the space names are now correctly restored
  • NEW New explanatory splash screen on first launch
  • NEW Added Reveal and Fade transitions
  • IMPROVED App assignment prefs now more logically sort by app name and not bundle id
  • IMPROVED You can now press TAB to move between the grid and the full screen apps in the overview grid
  • IMPROVED More robust monitoring of TS/Dock communications resulting in faster restore of functionality should dock restart
  • IMPROVED Highlight of active space in the overview grid is now a bit more obvious
  • FIXED TotalSpaces no longer causes shutdown to fail to complete on some systems
  • FIXED TotalSpaces could occasionally revert to ordinary apple transitions when mission control defined space shortcuts were used exclusively
  • FIXED TotalSpaces will no longer incorrectly show a transition when attempting to drag a window to a fullscreen space (which is not a thing you can do)
  • NEW New command line preferences for side timer values in seconds: sideSwitchDelay (0.1 - 3.5 default:1.1), sideSwitchDelayWithModkeys (0.1 - 3.5 default:0.3), sideSwitchRepeatDelay (0.5 - 3.5 default:1.0)


3 December 2012
  • FIXED Activating expose in the overview grid with many windows present (> 20) on a single space caused excessive CPU and delay


27 November 2012
  • NEW The notification graphic stays visible for as long as you hold the modifier keys down when you change space using a hotkey
  • IMPROVED The default hotkeys are now SHIFT-ALT-arrows and SHIFT-ALT-space so as not to conflict with the default mission control hotkeys
  • FIXED Fixed crash or freeze when Mission Control has the same hotcorner set as TotalSpaces. It's still not a useful configuration though!
  • FIXED Status menu no longer shows incorrect space ticked when an app switch caused a space change (on Lion)
  • FIXED Trackpad left and right swiping gestures are now correctly reset to match full screen swiping setting when TotalSpaces is quit
  • IMPROVED Eliminated occasional jerkiness or visible wobble when switching spaces with transitions turned off
  • FIXED Possible crash when overview grid was activated two times very quickly in succession
  • IMPROVED Reduced delay and occasional jitter when selecting a new space from the overview grid with transitions turned off


25 October 2012
  • FIXED An incorrect direction was be shown by the arrow in the notification graphic when changing space via the menu
  • FIXED Changing space via the menu now correctly observes the notification on/off setting
  • IMPROVED When selecting a space from the overview grid, the frontmost app window is now activated
  • IMPROVED Certain windows that shouldn't be shown in the overview grid are no longer shown (avoids presence of blank window when using expose when running Plex media server)


23 October 2012
  • NEW You can now name your spaces by control-clicking the space buttons in layout preferences. The space names appear in the TotalSpaces menu, on the notification grid, and in Mission Control (but not on the overview grid).
  • NEW You can now assign an app to all spaces from TotalSpaces app preferences
  • NEW Added a menu item to trigger the overview grid
  • NEW Added a command line setting for notification graphic fade duration in seconds, for example defaults write com.binaryage.TotalSpaces notificationDuration 1.2
  • IMPROVED The app name is now shown in the TotalSpaces menu for fullscreen spaces
  • IMPROVED The notification graphic is now larger to improve legibility of space names
  • IMPROVED When running with more than one monitor the correct desktop background is now shown for full screen spaces in the overview grid on the screen that is not used by the app
  • IMPROVED Growl desktop change notifications are now turned off by default, but can be enabled on the command line if needed with defaults write com.binaryage.TotalSpaces sendGrowlNotifications YES
  • NOTE TotalSpaces is now limited to a 14 day trial after which you must register. The trial starts when you first used TotalSpaces v1.0.


2 October 2012
  • NEW Dragging windows to the sides of the screen to move them between desktops now works consistently with the TotalSpaces grid
  • FIXED Fixed a bug where adding certain apps to the app assignments could cause the preferences to crash
  • FIXED Fixed a bug where opening an app when already on the space it is assigned to could cause the notification graphic to show
  • FIXED Fixed a bug where the overview grid would not show in 10.7.3-4 with certain configurations of background pictures
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the trackpad monitoring would stop working causing voluminous log messages
  • IMPROVED Further improved swipe detection to prevent more cases of accidental triggering of space changes
  • IMPROVED Full screen app icons are shown a bit smaller on the grid overview so that more of the window can be seen
  • NOTE The beta trial period for TotalSpaces 0.11.4 expires on 1st November 2012.


24 September 2012
  • FIXED Fixed app-switch triggered transitions to correctly respect transitions disabled and notification disabled settings
  • FIXED Fixed a bug where starting an app on the same space it was assigned to would cause a spurious transition
  • FIXED Fixed a bug where growl notifications would not be sent for app-switch triggered transitions


23 September 2012
  • NEW Any full screen apps that are not in your grid are now optionally shown in a row underneath the grid in the overview
  • NEW You can now set a hotcorner to use to activate expose mode when viewing the overview grid
  • IMPROVED Expose mode in the overview grid now displays windows in proportional sizes for easier recognition
  • IMPROVED Full screen app icons are now centered
  • FIXED Fixed UI glitches in About / Registration windows on Mountain Lion
  • IMPROVED Three finger swiping is less easy to trigger accidentally
  • FIXED Fixed a bug where swiping whilst the notification center was open could cause it to get stuck
  • FIXED Fixed a bug where in some circumstances moving left from a full screen space to another did not work correctly
  • FIXED Fixed a bug where some incorrect shadows could have been drawn in the overview grid
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where when an app opens directly to full screen the new full screen desktop would not be switched to
  • FIXED Fixed an issue on Mountain Lion where opening the overview grid over the dashboard space would immediately cause a space change to space 1
  • FIXED Fixed a crash caused by the windows server returning an error in rare circumstances
  • FIXED Fixed a bug where full screen apps could show incorrect icons if they had been moved in mission control


17 August 2012
  • NEW Select which kind of background images to use in the overview grid - hi res images, blurred, or no images. The latter two settings are faster.
  • IMPROVED Quicker alt-tabbing: the delay TotalSpaces imposed between activations of alt-tab is no longer needed
  • IMPROVED Hotkeys now trigger action on key down rather than key up for faster action
  • NEW Option to trigger space changes by moving the mouse to the edge of the screen, with or without modifier keys (experimental)
  • NEW Overview grid can be triggered by a separate app (in the same way Mission Control can be). App is a separate download.
  • IMPROVED The transition speed slider now allows a maximum setting 10% faster than previously
  • FIXED Exited full screen apps no longer show in the overview grid
  • FIXED Mouse will no longer get out of sync with window position when dragging windows in the overview grid
  • FIXED Concurrency related crash when swiping
  • FIXED Trackpad related crash that could occur on wake
  • FIXED Sometimes the hotkey for the overview grid would be forgotten when TotalSpaces restarts


3 August 2012
  • NEW Pressing a number key when in the overview grid will directly go to that numbered space
  • FIXED Normal up and down swiping gestures to activate mission control are no longer disabled by TotalSpaces when there is only one row of spaces configured
  • FIXED Some windows that shouldn't be able to be dragged between spaces cannot now be moved
  • FIXED Dock component crash in Mountain Lion that caused blank overview grid


25 July 2012
  • NEW Advanced settings giving the ability to place full screen apps in the TotalSpaces grid. Your grid can now be made of desktops and filled up with full screen apps
  • IMPROVED TotalSpaces no longer prevents switching to the integrated GPU, which should help with battery life
  • NEW Hidden preference to turn off Growl notifications if you need (defaults write com.binaryage.TotalSpaces sendGrowlNotifications NO)
  • FIXED Windows server crash on activation of overview grid with more than around 6 desktops or multiple monitors (but downside is that desktops are shown lower resolution now)
  • FIXED Incorrect desktop was reported after activating grid after using apple swipe to change space
  • FIXED Notification no longer incorrectly shows when attempting to change space in apple expose mode
  • FIXED Multi-monitor layouts with main screen higher than secondary screen now display properly in the overview grid
  • FIXED Show desktop gesture is no longer prevented from working when four finger swiping is enabled
  • FIXED Fixed uploading of crash reports via CrashWatcher
  • IMPROVED Mountain Lion GM (final) support


20 June 2012
  • NEW Exposé mode when in overview grid - activate with the space bar
  • IMPROVED Improved caching in overview grid for better performance
  • IMPROVED It's less easy to drag windows accidentally when clicking in the overview grid
  • NEW Can trigger overview grid with 3rd button for 3 button mouse users
  • IMPROVED Overview grid background is no longer translucent for better performance, better clarity, and to prevent accidental triggering of Dock functions
  • FIXED Activating the grid no longer causes 1Password or similar apps to lock
  • IMPROVED Latest Mountain Lion beta support (please use the latest Apple beta if you wish to try TotalSpaces on Mountain Lion)
  • FIXED Cursor always reverts to arrow in overview grid, and hover texts will no longer appear stuck
  • FIXED Trackpad gestures are now recognised on Air hardware after waking from sleep
  • FIXED 3 and 4 finger swiping should no longer trigger swipe events in browser windows
  • IMPROVED 3 and 4 finger swiping no longer requires trackpad preferences actions to be disabled (except for 3 finger drag)
  • KNOWN BUG Switching spaces does not work in Mission control / Expose / Desktop expose, but the notification indicator shows anyway. This will be fixed in the next release.


4 June 2012
  • NEW New overview grid implementation including live windows and significantly improved performance
  • NEW Multi-monitor support in the overview grid
  • IMPROVED Layout prefs now allows up to 5 columns
  • FIXED Fast multiple desktop changes should always end on the intended desktop now
  • IMPROVED 4 and 3 finger swipe is now allowed, with a warning when Trackpad preferences could conflict
  • IMPROVED Better detection of magic trackpad and magic mouse on wakeup
  • IMPROVED Swipe direction can now be inverted
  • IMPROVED Better Mountain Lion support


16 May 2012
  • FIXED Registration reminder should not show during beta period


15 May 2012
  • NEW New preferences pane to assign apps to desktops
  • NEW 5 fingered swipe to navigate between desktops (looking at 3 or 4 finger for future versions)
  • NEW Desktop numbers are shown in grid in layout preferences
  • FIXED Growl events are now named TotalSpacesChange and TotalSpacesCirculated
  • FIXED Vertical circulation no longer still operates if circulation is turned off
  • IMPROVED Clearer status bar icon
  • FIXED Notification now fades properly when transitions are set slow
  • NEW Experimental Mountain Lion support (some known issues)


26 April 2012
  • NEW ReSpaceApp is now called TotalSpaces
  • NEW Navigation directly to desktops from the status item menu
  • IMPROVED TotalSpaces now offers to remove excess desktops for you when you have too many for your grid size
  • IMPROVED Users can now choose to have just one space if they do not need a grid

16 April 2012
  • FIXED Crash on startup
  • FIXED New full screens are now noticed immediately
  • NEW Full screen apps and dashboard now appear in the notification grid (when changing desktops)

14 April 2012
  • FIXED Crash in select grid code
  • FIXED Crash in Dock when reading active windows
  • FIXED Select grid does not retain views of windows that are not on the main screen any more (could happen when switching monitors)
  • IMPROVED Some performance improvement in select grid
  • IMPROVED Notification graphic displays more reliably
  • NEW ReSpaceApp attempts to recover if transitions stop working due to a display mode problem (usually happens after switching monitors)
  • KNOWN BUG Windows can be dragged by portions that are not visible in select grid
  • IMPROVED Activating select grid closes exposé mode to avoid inconsistencies


11 April 2012
  • NEW Drag and drop windows in the select grid
  • NEW New preferences panel
  • NEW Status bar item can be hidden
  • NEW Hot corner support for launching select grid
  • NEW Navigation to full screen apps and dashboard is now supported
  • FIXED Windows that are no longer visible are not shown in the select grid
  • NEW Growl support, Growl notifications can be used for sound effects
  • IMPROVED Brighter outline for selected desktop in select grid
  • IMPROVED Reduced size of notification grid on large monitors
  • IMPROVED Re-trigger select grid hotkey causes it to disappear if it is showing
  • FIXED Code injection failed to work under certain configurations
  • FIXED ReSpaceApp no longer shows the incorrect desktop number if desktops are re-ordered in mission control
  • IMPROVED Miscellaneous stability, performance and memory usage enhancements
  • FIXED Fix bug where unnamed spaces would cause various functions to fail
  • FIXED Fix bug where hotkeys could not be removed
  • NEW Crash watcher to directly report bugs
  • NOTE The beta trial period has been extended by one month to end June 1st 2012


5 March 2012
  • FIXED Memory leak in select grid


4 March 2012
  • NEW Bird's eye view of the grid of desktops accessible through a new hotkey assignment ('Select')
  • NEW Full screen app desktops are now recognised by ReSpaceApp, and can be navigated to if circulation is turned off
  • IMPROVED You can insist on certain key combinations even if the system reports them as in-use
  • IMPROVED If ReSpaceApp crashes, the Dock component will not continue to ask for space transitions, but will disable itself until ReSpaceApp is restarted
  • FIXED ReSpaceApp no longer crashes if it's started when only one desktop exists
  • FIXED Expose mode is now automatically closed if a space switch is done when Expose is in use
  • FIXED Hotkey assignment no longer gets confused with the A key
  • IMPROVED The notification grid adjusts its size automatically depending on screen dimensions
  • REMOVED Diagonal transition animations have been removed as they confusingly only worked on one of the diagonal axes
  • KNOWN BUG Activating the select grid when in Expose mode should be disallowed
  • KNOWN BUG Windows that have been closed or minimised can show in the select grid, only disappearing after a second grid activation
  • KNOWN BUG ReSpaceApp cannot update itself if you have moved it out of /Applications (the new version is placed in /Applications anyway)
  • NOTE The beta trial period has been extended by one month to end May 1st 2012


13 February 2012
  • FIXED Fixed bug with transitions where incorrect space would be navigated to if dashboard was set to overlay.
  • IMPROVED Support added for default keyboard shortcuts - Cmd-W will close prefs, return will close about and licence dialogs
  • FIXED Dock is now restarted on quitting ReSpaceApp so space change behaviour returns to normal


12 February 2012
  • NEW Transitions can be disabled entirely in preferences
  • NEW Transitions now work in the correct directions (as much as possible) when app switching using the dock or cmd-tab to select an app
  • IMPROVED The automatically rearrange spaces setting in Mission Control settings is now automatically forced to off to prevent desktops being rearranged (which would be bad)


8 February 2012
  • FIXED No longer crashes when default key combinations are already used
  • IMPROVED Notification graphic now shows in a lower position similar to Snow Leopard's
  • FIXED 0 desktops is no longer incorrectly reported on app startup


4 February 2012
  • NEW Circulation can be disabled entirely
  • IMPROVED Clearer row circulation preferences
  • IMPROVED Notification graphic now shows to help orientation when hotkey is pressed but circulation settings prevent movement


1 February 2012
  • NOTE First public beta of ReSpaceApp

TotalSpaces (com.binaryage.totalspaces) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is TotalSpaces 1.2.11. The most popular version of this application used by our users is TotalSpaces 0.10.0.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/TotalSpaces.app

Minimum OS version: 10.7

Copyright: Copyright (c) 2011 Switchstep / Stephen Sykes. All rights reserved.