Zip View allows you to quickly view the contents of compressed ZIP (.zip), RAR (.rar), JAR (.jar) files (with limited support for .zipx) and uncompress only those files you choose without having to uncompress the entire archive.

You can quickly preview one or more files in the archive (without uncompressing them) by simply pressing the Space key to launch Quick Look, or clicking on the Quick Look icon.

It is a great complement to Finder's built in compress feature.

It supports password protected ZIP and RAR files, as well as multi file spanning RAR archives.

Zip View is quick and easy to use. Drag an archive file onto Zip View's dock icon or application window and see the contents of the archive in an instant.

You can easily navigate the contents of the archive by right-clicking the folder navigation bar at the top and selecting the sub-folders or by double-clicking a folder within the archive itself. The path navigation at the top of the window clearly shows where you currently are in archive's hierarchy and you can easily move back through the hierarchy by clicking on any of the navigation items.

Zip View gives you a number of ways to uncompress a file or folder (or the entire archive):

  • Clicking the Uncompress Selected or Uncompress Archive button and selecting the folder to uncompress into.
  • Drag and dropping the selected items from Zip View into a folder in Finder.
  • Double-clicking a file will open it in the default editor for that file type.
  • Right-clicking an item to bring up a context menu and selecting the option to uncompress to a folder (or a temporary folder to save you having to delete the folder afterwards).
  • Using the Copy menu item (or standard OS X copy menu shortcut) and pasting the selected items into a folder in Finder.

    When no items are selected in Zip View the default action is to uncompress the entire archive.

    With Zip View you no longer have to uncompress an entire archive to view its contents or to extract only those files that you really want extracted.

    Remember you can preview one or more of the files in an archive with a quick press of the Space key or a click of the Quick Look icon.

    Zip View's big brother Zip View Pro offers similar functionality but with additional support for 7-Zip (.7z) archives.

    NOTE: Zip View is not able to uncompress zipx files that have been created with proprietary types of compression.

  • What's New
    Bug Fix: Fixed bug related to the reading of zip files on external devices.

    Zip View (com.ilialang.zipview) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

    Operating System: Mac

    Default Install Path: /Applications/Zip

    Minimum OS version: 10.6

    Copyright: Copyright (c) 2010-2011 ilia Language Services Ltd. All rights reserved.