iStopMotion Express offers professional stop motion animation and time-lapse tools at a reasonable price. It the same tools that allow the pros to make the most amazing music videos, ads, TV shows and even feature films. Import a soundtrack that will be displayed as a waveform to help you keep rhythm, use real footage as a template for your animation with rotoscope, use your own backgrounds (even movies) with the chroma-keying and record cool time lapse movies with tilt shift effect.

Animate to Sound

Like in most professional animation productions, record the sound before the animation and import it into iStopMotion. It will show you the audio waveform so that you can easily identify critical events like the beat in background music if you want your animation to match that.

Time Lapse With Tilt Shift Filter

The popular tilt shift filter effect makes your scene look like a miniature. Save a lot of time by applying the filter while shooting your time lapse.


Imagine you want to animate a dialog. Getting the mouth movements right is very tough, even if with the soundtrack waveform. Better just sit in front of your camera, record yourself speaking the dialog and then load that movie into iStopMotion Express as an animation guide. Now it's easy to get the dialog right.

Virtual Stage

Shoot your own background pictures or movies and animate dinosaurs into them. Put a real actor into an animated background. The amazing power of chroma keying brings ambitious movie ideas within your reach.

Adding titles, cuts, effects

iStopMotion is a recording tool. It does one thing and it does it well: help you take footage. iStopMotion produces files that can easily be used with one of the powerful movie editing apps out there to cut your movie, add titles, transitions and effects.

Supported Cameras

iStopMotion works fine with your built-in iSight/FaceTime camera. All Mac supported USB webcams just work, so do Firewire DV cameras. There's also a long list of supported digital still cameras, even though those cameras don't provide live feedback. Please follow the Support link in the right column to find out what kinds and models of cameras can be used with iStopMotion.

Compare Home, Express and Pro

iStopMotion Home

  • For the casual user, the typical family where the parents want to have fun with the kids while providing them with a productive, creative and educational experience.
  • Max. resolution: NTSC/PAL, 960 x 540
  • Use video cameras and digital still cameras for shooting (See website for more information)
  • Stop motion single frame shooting
  • Time lapse recording
  • Tilt shift filter for making real live scenes look miniature
  • Onion skinning and blinking tools help you animate faster and more easily
  • Chroma-Keying lets you choose a complex background without having to build a set - choose from a number of enclosed backgrounds
  • Flip book printing lets you create old style paper flip books to show around
  • Send your video to iMove to add titles, intro, outro, music, transitions and more and upload to YouTube or burn to DVD

    iStopMotion Express

  • The animation aficionado, who spends a lot of time creating animations and wants all the features of the Pro version except those only needed in a professional production environment.
  • All the features of iStopMotion Home, plus:
  • Continuous recording for taking small real time segments
  • Color correction by frame
  • Rotoscope/Lip Sync allows you to load a video file and use it as a guide for your animation
  • Import a soundtrack to animate to, for example for making a music video
  • Use your own background and foreground elements
  • Create your own project presets

    iStopMotion Pro

  • The pro animator who uses iStopMotion in a production workflow, creating animations for commercials, music videos, feature movies in HD resolution and beyond.
  • All the features of the Express version, plus:
  • Max. resolution: 10,000 x 10,000
  • Integration with Final Cut
  • Support for HD capture

  • What's New
  • Flip book printing has a new option to print crop masks instead of full borders.
  • Printing a flip book on OS X Lion failed.
  • Updated iMovie sharing to use iMovie'11 Drop Box.

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    Operating System: Mac

    Default Install Path: /Applications/iStopMotion

    Bundle Identifier: iStopMotion (com.boinx.iStopMotion2.Express)

    Minimum OS version: 10.6.6