What's New
SRT export. Added export preference for export of position and alignment tags to SRT. - SRT import. Added import of position and alignment tags. - Added shortcuts. Ctrl-cmd-j and ctrl-cmd-l for progressive forward and rewind. - Polishes.Version 1.7.3- Added SRT without color export. - Less verbose SRT with color export. - Enhanced FCP X .fcpxml export. - Performance enhancements. - Compatible with macOS 10.12.2. - Contour Design Shuttle settings compatible with macOS Sierra. - Several Polishes.Version 1.7.0- Special Menu: Added extensive colour remap option.- Added DLP Cinema Interop export. - Added FCP X text effect export. AE Subtitle X or similar is required by FCP X. - Media drawer. Revised timecode processing (Set Offset, Shift Selection to/by TC) for NDF timecode. - The state of Media or Info drawer is saved in Preferences. - Displays subtitles over the video also when "Follow mode" is turned off. - EBU STL 1 documents allow saving as EBU STL 2. - Mac OS X 10.7 or later: Updated autosave without versions checked. Use of versions is recommended. - Several Polishes.Version 1.6.17- Some fixes (playback, search/replace, waveform of long media files).Version 1.6.16- Revised .890 import.Version 1.6.15- Added option to suggest external filename (from import) for export.Version 1.6.14- Revised DAS import.Version 1.6.13- W3C Timed Text export. Added line padding option to EBU TT export.- EBU STL export. Supports renewed ARTE character sets. - Limited automatic "Subtitle Zero" detection. - Added "Toggle Follow Mode" (ctrl-alt-F) to allow e.g. easier correction of overlaps. - Revised Cyrillic PAC import.- PolishesVersion 1.6.11- Changed EBU STL import validation.Version 1.6.10- Revised .DAS import. - Polishes.Version W3C Timed Text exports. -PolishesVersion 1.6.9- Unified version for Mac OS X 10.6.8 and later. - Shuffle word keeps single trailing punctuation.- Documents created by opening 3rd party files keep an external file info. - Polishes.Version 1.6.8- The minimal requirement of this version is Mac OS X 10.7. - Added a graceful alert when run on OS X 10.6.8. A version still running on OS X 10.6.8 is provided together with Annotation Edit as a separate download. - Added option to edit timecode values textually for current subtitles and pre-roll. - Added EBU-TT mode. The first version is for unicode open subtitles. - Added display of media frame rate and media timecode type to media info. - Added show media in finder to media info. - Added preference for default timecode. - Revised Screen PAC import.- Corrected migrational errors found in recent version. - Polishes.Version 1.6.7- Replaces version 1.6.6. Revised Screen PAC import.- Added "Adjust to document frame rate" function for e.g. time values imported from time-based formats. - Added support for non-standard EBU STL timecode (23.076, 24, 29.29 NDF). - Refined large video mode for QC and presentation. - Updated import of Annotation Transcriber .tvtt. - Updated import of Annotation Edit .mvtt. - Export to SRT uses BOM (byte order mark). - Added workaround for a bug in OS X 10.11 (beta), that prevented launch.Version 1.6.5- Revised PAC import. - PolishesVersion Revised Versions menu selection.Version Revised Jog Shuttle / Two finger scroll video navigation. - Added Contour Design Shuttle Express Version 3 sample setting.Version Added ESUB-XF export (standard and EBU-STL). - Polishes.Version Updated w3c Timed Text (TTML, iTT, DFXP) export. - Revised input field for offset to/by timecode. - Jog Shuttle / Two finger scroll video navigation. Added "Toggle Jog Shuttle Navigation" menu command and short cut. Fixed a possible stability issue.- Interface. Adjusted for Mac OS X 10.9.x (Mavericks).Version Version 1.6.4- Revised RTF with Timecode import. - Added import of Annotation Transcriber (tvtt,tvtf). - Added import of Annotation Edit file (mvtf). - Import of tvtt, tvtf, mvtf, mvttsupports movie and waveform. - Imports empty row positioning in PAC files. - Revised Open EBU STL-0 vertical positioning - Added FAB Open STL-0 export option. - Waveform. Added function and shortcut to display the current subtitle centered in timeline. - Polishes.Version 1.6.2- EBU STL 0 import. Added compatibility to EZTitles row scheme.Version 1.6- w3c Timed Text export. Temporarily replaced EBU-TT draft with published EBU-TT-D-Basic for ARD Mediathek. - w3c Timed Text iTunes Timed Text export. Added color support,revised drop frame and offset. - Added mode to display video with subtitles in large window with reduced edit options. Hit ESC to toggle.- Revised PAC support. - Polishes.Version 1.5.14- Enhanced color warning for overlaps in subtitle table. - Revised w3c Timed Text export. - Polishes.Version 1.5.11- Updated EBU-TT export to newer draft. - Revised SMPT-TT export. - Revised step by timecode with audio. - Polishes and fixes.Version Corrected a signing issue in latest version 1.5.10 - Polishes.Version 1.5.6- Revised iTunes Timed Text (.itt) export. - Corrected support of italics in open teletext (EBU STL 0).Version 1.5.4- Updated for OS X Mountain Lion.Version 1.5.2- EBU STL: Preserves content for two rarely used STL features. - EBU STL export:Extended subtitle text limit (e.g. 4 lines with 35 characters each). - EBU STL import:Added import of extended subtitles. Combines content of cumulative subtitles.Version 1.4.5- Updated EBU TT export to latest recommendation. - Enhanced automatic text encoding detection.Version 1.4.3- Added movie timecode auto correction. - Corrected document save behavior. - Added option to hide display of previous/next subtitle.- Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion):Added an informative alert and relaunch on changes to Autosave/Versions. - Added: Adjust duration. - Revised display of background color changes.Background color changes are inconsistently displayed by different applications. zeitAnker Teletext follows the mostEBU STL centric subtitle tools. - DFXP export: Added background color fit to line or subtitle. Added timecode selector. Added iTunes Timed Text export.Added preliminary EBU TTML (draft) export for testing. - Improved performance. - Revised Contour Design Shuttle setting examples.- Allows smooth video scrubbing now also when "Scrolling with Inertia" is selected in System Preferences.Version 1.3.2- Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion): Support for autosave and versions. Enabled full screen mode. Changed file format for smarter support of versions.The previous file formatis still supported for open, insert and export. - Text display of illegal EBU STL row length. - Extended Screen PAC import. - Added usage of file link XML (.zttp)to quickly set up your project from asset management systems. - Added Contour Design Shuttle setting examples.Features include:EBU STL 1import/export: colors, background colors, alignment, granular position.EBU STL 0 import/export: italic, underline, alignment, position.EBU subtitles can be flagged as comment.All EBU character sets.Extended EBU STL metadata.Livepreview of EBU formatting.Conversion between EBU STL 1 and 0.Cavena 890 latin import: color , italic, underline, alignment, position.Screen PAC import: latin, greek, hebrew,cyrillic,arabic: color , italic, alignment, positionDAS (rtf,doc) import: latin,italic, positionDVD SP (stl) import,:latin, color, italic, underline, alignment, positionSRT import:: italic, underline, alignment,FABScript and revision doc importTranscript (doc.rtf.txt) import.DFXP Timed Text export: color ,background color, italic, underline, alignment.Optional automatic insert of a new subtitle after row maximum.Continuous readability checks.Fast log mode of scripts.Fast spot mode.Translation spotting mode.Automatic synch of QuickTime movies with timecode to EBU file.Scalable preview in secondary window.Named snippets for insert of styled text.Template support for metadata and snippets.Support for multi-language audio tracks.Undo and redo for all edts.

zeitAnker Teletext (com.zeitanker.teletext) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is zeitAnker Teletext 1.7.4. The most popular version of this application used by our users is zeitAnker Teletext 1.4.1.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/Annotation Edit Teletext Demo 1.4.1/zeitAnker Teletext.app